Comparison of 4WD Hybrid Systems from 8 Japanese and German OEMs

Automotive World Nagoya 2019: Subaru’s original HEV system, e-BOXER



 Automotive World Nagoya 2019 (period: September 18th to September 20th, 2019, venue: Portmesse Nagoya), the second year for the event, saw the participation of many exhibitors from the Chubu region. The exhibition hall is slated for expansion, indicating an increase in expected participation from other regions in the future. During the event, a number of prominent companies delivered keynote speeches, including five domestic OEMs, two foreign OEMs, and four mega-suppliers. The voices of these global corporations echoed throughout the venue, facilitating many connections with companies from the Chubu region, and providing one of the key reasons for the event’s existence.

  This report will cover the lecture on Subaru’s original hybrid system, the e-BOXER. Moreover, this report also features a list of 4WD hybrid systems from Japanese and German automakers to highlight the e-BOXER’s unique capabilities.

今後は混雑が緩和すると期待される xEV系部品の展示
Photo of Automotive World Nagoya 2019’s EV・HEV drive system technology exhibition. Exhibition of xEV components

(Photographed by reporter, the same hereinafter)


Overview of the 2nd Automotive World Nagoya 2019

  Portmesse Nagoya (hereafter referred to as Portmesse) first opened in 1973, with completion of the First Exhibition Hall making it the central trade show venue for the Chubu region. The facilities were later expanded, with the first through third exhibition halls and main hall completed in 1993. The Nagoya Automotive Engineering Exposition, hosted by the JSAE beginning in 2014, and the automotive industry trade show Automotive World, hosted by Reed Exhibitions Japan, launched in 2018.

  Roughly 400 exhibitors gathered at Portmesse’s 20,000 square meter venue from September 18th-20th, 2019. The event used the second and third exhibition halls, as well as the event hall and main hall. Compared to the event held in Tokyo (venue: Tokyo Big Sight), which had an area of 98,000 square meters and 1,000 exhibitors, it is clear that the event in Nagoya was smaller and denser in scale.

  • Exhibitors: Exhibitors at Automotive World Nagoya were primarily composed of Tier 2 and Tier 3 manufacturers, startups, and production/testing equipment sales companies based in the Chubu region, with few automakers and EV component makers in attendance with the exception of TOP, Subaru’s motor manufacturer. Portmesse is scheduled for further expansion, and the event is expected to grow in size accordingly, with a wider range of exhibitors in attendance.
  • Keynotes and Special Lectures: Many lectures by domestic and overseas OEMs and mega-suppliers were held at the event hall and at Takeda Teva Ocean Arena, located adjacent to Portmesse.

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