EV Powertrain Technologies: New powertrain units using Toyota’s THS II electric motor

From the technical sessions of the 2019 JSAE Annual Spring Congress



 The 2019 JSAE Annual Spring Congress was held in parallel with the JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 on May 22~24, 2019 at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center. Research presentations on core technologies dominated the technical sessions (89 sessions, 433 presentations), but several automakers gave presentations that showcased the characteristics of certain new technologies and how they are adopting the technologies on their vehicles in the market.

  This report provides a summary of three EV powertrain technologies cited below, that were presented at the “The New Technology for the Drivetrain Systems I”, “The New Technology for the Drivetrain Systems II”, and “Traction Motors for EV/HEV” technical sessions.

 1) The new E-Four (electric hybrid 4-wheel drive) rear transmission axle on the Toyota RAV4
 2) Hybrid system on the Subaru Crosstrek
 3) Drive motor for the Honda hybrid (i-DCD)

  The presentations on 1) and 2)- introduced how the new electric powertrains were developed, but both use the same enhanced Toyota Hybrid System (THS II) motor equipped on FF hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and the Camry. A modified unit was developed using the drive motor (MG2) in 1), and the generator (MG1) and drive motor (MG2) in 2). In 2019, Toyota announced that it will grant the royalty-free use of its patents related to vehicle electrification technologies and to cultivate an environment in which other companies can freely use Toyota’s motor technology to further lower the cost of motors. In fact, the drive motor (MG2) equipped on the 4th generation Prius was one of the THS II motors that was exhibited at the JSAE Automotive Exposition 2019. In one of the technical presentations it was mentioned that the aim of increasing the adoption of THS II motors was to reduce the cost of HV related components.

  The presentation on 3) described the development of hybrid drive motors that do not use rare earth materials (heavy rare earth such as dysprosium and terbium) which will continue to be at risk of being in short supply.

パシフィコ横浜・会議センター 4代目プリウス用駆動モーター
The Pacifico Yokohama convention center where the 2019 JSAE Annual Spring Congress was held. Drive motor (MG2) for the Toyota 4th generation Prius
(Exhibited at the Toyota booth at the 2019 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition)


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