CES Asia 2019:Keynote Speech/Conferences by Huawei, Audi, and Hyundai Motor Group

Considerations companies are making about AI roadmaps and the future of cockpit design



现代汽车集团副社长 尹京林
Keynote speech by Hyundai Motor Group Vice President Kyounglim Yun at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai

 The CES Asia 2019 show was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) in China from June 11th to June 13th 2019. In addition to exhibitions at the SNIEC, an array of sessions and keynote speeches were held during the event at the Kerry Hotel, located adjacent to the expo center. Keynote speeches were provided by the leaders of Huawei, Audi, and the Hyundai Motor Group, and conferences were held by Deloitte and media company Chedongxi related to autonomous driving, AI, and future automobile cockpits. This report will cover some of the conferences and lectures held at the event, and summarize the hopes that industry pioneers and automakers have for the future and what effects they will have on people’s mobility as intelligentization and autonomization currently undergo rapid advances.

 The themes featured in this report as well as speakers and participants are as follows (honorifics omitted hereafter).

Theme Speaker/Participant Company name/Position
The essence of Huawei's AI technology and its future strategies Yang Shao Huawei Consumer Business Group,
Chief Strategy Officer
Hyundai Motor Group’s vision of future mobility Kyounglim Yun Hyundai MotorGroup, EVP, Head of Open Innovation Strategy Division
Daniel Huang IMMOTOR, CEO
Jun Liu KuanDeng, Founder/CEO
Jacky Zhu UBiAi, Founder/CEO
Audi's critical transformation from the pursuit of the driving experience to the digitization of mobility Thomas Owsianski Audi China, President
Max Yin Audi China, Connected Business Chief
Nils Wollny Holoride, CEO
Yunzhou Wu Audi China, Designer

How technologies including AI, autonomous driving, connected, and 5G will create the future customer experience

Lingkun Zhou (Moderator) Deloitte China, Consulting Partner
Fei Hao Banma Network Technology Co., Ltd., CEO
Jun Ma Tongji University, Professor
Jack Cheng NIO, Co-Founder/EVP
Lee Li LKK Innovation Design Group, President
Boris Meiners Audi (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Digital Business Division, Customer Experience Department, Senior Director
The Intelligent Evolution of the Automobile Cockpit Weilin Lai PATEO, Vice President
Perry Shang Mobility Asia, Vice President - Services and Data Monetization
Xiaohan Sun (Moderator) Chedongxi, a subsidiary of Beijing Zhiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Editor
Leihua Wu BYD, Intelligent Network Chief
Li'an Li AIWAYS, Intelligent Network Director
Hongzhi Zhang Horizon Robotics, Multimode Interactive Products, General Manager
Jack Wu Yangzhou Hangsheng Technology Co., Ltd., Product Planning Department,
Deputy Manager


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