Honda FCV: Development and Vision of a Hydrogen Energy Society

From Honda's Technical Sessions at Battery Japan 2018 and Automotive World 2018



This report presents Honda's development status and challenges associated with the expansion and mass-adoption of fuel cell vehicles. The contents are based on the technical session presentations given by Honda at the 10th Automotive World (January 2018) and the 14th FC Expo (February 2018) held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. Below are the highlights of the presentations.

Efforts to achieve future energy security and reduce CO2 emissions is driving the shift to electrification and hydrogen fuel technology, further accelerating the electrification of cars. The conversion of hydrogen into electricity is simple and does not generate CO2 emissions when burned, so hydrogen is considered an effective energy carrier towards the realization of a low CO2 society.

Honda, with its concept of "Generate", "Use", and "Get Connected", is actively working on hydrogen technology development towards the realization of a sustainable energy society. In March 2016, Honda launched the sale of its Clarity fuel cell vehicle.

Major challenges to address in the mass deployment of fuel cell vehicles to market include reducing the cost of fuel cell vehicles, establishing quality-related technology, and developing the hydrogen energy infrastructure. To achieve the goal of realizing a hydrogen energy society, collaborative participation by a broad range of entities from government, industry, and academia is of major importance to accelerate technological development, deregulation, and the development of infrastructure for a hydrogen society.

(FC EXPO 2018)
Honda's Vision of Next-Generation Clean Cars
(Source: Honda)
Hydrogen as a Sustainable Circulative Energy
(Source: Honda)

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