Automotive World 2019: Practical application of autonomous driving technologies

Various system exhibits such as cybersecurity and sensing technologies such as LiDAR



  At the recent Automotive World 2019* event (held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center from January 16 to 18, 2019), 1,120 companies from around the world exhibited numerous proprietary technologies related to the automotive industry.
* The exhibition consisted of six specialized shows: the 11th CAR-ELE JAPAN (Int’l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo), the 10th EV JAPAN (EV & EV Drive System Technology), the 9th Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo, the 7th Connected Car JAPAN, the 5th CAR-MECHA JAPAN (Automotive Components & Processing Technology Expo), and the 2rd Autonomous Driving Technology Expo.

  At the Autonomous Driving Technology Expo, proof of concept demonstrations of compact mobility solutions, high performance LiDAR, and vehicle interior monitoring systems were exhibited. Compared to the first exhibition held last previous year, sensing and AI recognition technologies exhibited demonstrated a higher degree of performance and commercial realization. Furthermore, the Connected Car Expo and Car Electronics Expo showed an increase in the number of semiconductors and sensors being equipped in vehicles, and with the increasing usage of 5G and V2X technologies, numerous products and services related to cybersecurity were also showcased.

オートモーティブ ワールド 2019 自動運転EXPO コネクティッド・カーEXPO
Automotive World 2019 opening ceremony Autonomous Driving Technology Expo Connected Car JAPAN

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