Hannover Show 2018: The 67th IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show (Part 1)

Mercedes-Benz, TRATON, MAN, Scania, Volvo, and Renault Trucks



The 67th IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show was held in Hannover, Germany from September 20 to 27, 2018. The theme of this show was “Driving Tomorrow.” An overview of the exhibitions by major commercial vehicle manufacturers is as follows:

◎ Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Scania: Announcement of mass-produced EV trucks for short distances (including plug-in hybrids).
◎ Scania, and Iveco: Showcased its powertrain series utilizing alternative fuels such as LNG, CNG, and biodiesel.
◎ Mercedes-Benz, ZF, and Bosch: Announcement of mass-produced digitalization element technology such as digital cockpits.
◎ Volvo, DAF, and Renault Trucks: Exhibition of various memorial models.

(Left) Source: VDA  (Right) Photographed by reporter


According to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), this show promoted the driving forces behind future innovations in commercial vehicles such as digitalization, connectivity, autonomous driving, and alternative powertrains. These elements will help bring about new opportunities to make mobility smoother and more efficient in various regions, such as major urban areas. Additionally, the connectivity of various transport modes in the logistics chain will be improved and will contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. However, the VDA sees the European Commission’s proposal to reduce truck CO2 emissions by at least 30% by 2030 and 15% by 2025 as unrealistic because product development cycles are becoming longer.


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