Hanover Show: The 66th IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show (Part 2)

Exhibitions from MAN, Volvo, Renault, DAF, and major parts suppliers



  This is the final part of a 2 part series on the 2016 Hanover Commercial Vehicles Show. It covers the Volkswagen Group's commercial vehicle OEM MAN, the Swedish commercial vehicle maker Volvo and its subsidiary Renault Trucks, DAF, a subsidiary of the American commercial vehicle producer Packer, and major parts suppliers' exhibitions.

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MAN and VW Group: Visually improved version of a large truck and unveiling of the TGE small truck

  MAN showcased its new large engine at the previous IAA show. Around July 2016 the OEM announced on its official website that its latest exhibition would be produced by a woman. Additionally, with regards to vehicles, the automaker increased anticipation by teasing the announcement of a MAN brand small truck and a visual improvement for a large truck. Large/mid-size trucks and engines, a bus from MAN's subsidiary Neoplan, and vehicles from Brazil Volkswagen Truck were on display in the Volkswagen Group's hall.

MAN and VW Group

Flagship truck: MAN TGX 18.640 4x2 tractor PerformanceLine (IAA edition)


  There were no particularly notable topics for the large trucks from the TGX and TGS series, nor for the mid-size trucks from the TGM and TGL series, with changes limited to minor internal and exterior improvements. A TGX IAA edition was showcased at the main table, featuring chrome-plated exterior parts. The TGX's exterior features a more prominent lion mark on its upper grill, and has two louvers on its lower grill.


TGX Performance Line edition
Limited production of 100 vehicles (featuring a serial number and special invitation)
Cab type: XXL high roof, flat floor
Exterior chrome-plated parts and interior curtains are colored blue.

Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 18 tons, facelift features an expanded grill opening.

Engine: D38 15-liter inline six, 640 ps/3,000 Nm.
The combination of the above engine and the following system realized a 6.35% improvement in fuel efficiency.

  • GPS-assisted cruise control (MAN EfficientCruise)
  • MAN TipMatic 12-speed AMT
TGX series engine (a D20 66 10.5-liter 360 ps/1,800 Nm version also available)

  Beginning with the TGX series, all series feature new colored interior seats and trim. The current warm gray color has been changed to a two-tone color scheme of dark gray and beige.

The large display in the instrument panel and multifunctional steering wheel. The PerformanceLine features:
  • (Not photographed) blue curtains and seatbelts, as well as leather and velour seats
  • A sound package and a 5 to 7-inch display with intelligent information
MAN Tipmatic 12-speed AMT. Currently, ZF transmissions are being used, but
in 2016, the OEM plans to develop a new transmission with Scania.

Connectivity and Assistance: digitized connectivity and driver assistance

  MAN showcased a new approach to trucks and constructing transportation networks with a truck incorporating digital technological innovations. Through the intelligent networking that MAN proposes, it will be possible to control transportation more efficiently. The company showcased its concept for the digital service from the bed of a truck. As noted in part 1 of this report, both MAN and Scania featured presentations with the keyword of "connectivity." The cab for this show featured a mirror-less safety driving assistance system.

Connectivity and Assistance
The trailer bed with a screen explaining the OEM's digital transportation service.
Connectivity and Assistance
Mirror-less driving assistance system

  Side mirrors were removed and replaced with digital mirrors, which display side views of the vehicle as well as the area around the cab, securing visibility when driving in reverse and while steering. The mirrors are also used for lane-change warnings. A 5 to 7-inch display shows vehicle and transportation information.

Connectivity and

e-Mobility concept: I. EVtractor urban delivery vehicle

e-Mobility concept

  MAN has continued its research and development of electric vehicles, and at the IAA show in 2012, the automaker first unveiled its EV tractor concept. The automaker has continued to announce new concept models, albeit in an understated manner, based on existing vehicles. This show being no exception, MAN exhibited its delivery vehicle for food retailers in urban and suburban areas. The vehicle produces zero environmental emissions (CO2, NOx, or noise).

  TGS narrow cab 4x2 tractor, GVW 18 tons, motor: 250 kW/2,700 Nm, propeller shaft drive.

e-Mobility concept
e-Mobility concept

e-Mobility concept: II. EV articulated bus with a length of 18.75 m‥‥Lion urban transit bus Lion

e-Mobility concept
e-Mobility concept An EV transit bus concept, currently under research and development for the production of an EV bus series in 2019. In 2019, the OEM plans to have half of its transit bus sales be EVs.

World premiere of TGE series small trucks

  MAN splits the German market for large vehicles with Mercedes-Benz, and has now entered the small truck market that it previously didn't participate in. The OEM presented its TGE small truck series for the first time. These vehicles are based on the best-selling Crafter small commercial vehicle that is produced by the automaker's parent company Volkswagen. MAN showcased a truck, a van with windows, and a utility wagon.

TGE series

  The front of the vehicle features MAN's signature lion mark and a black upper grill. Although vans are at the core of the series, two cabs (single and crew cabs) are available for trucks. These are sold as a chassis with a cab. Production and delivery of the vans and chassis with cabs will begin in April 2017. The photo shows a four-door crew cab with a flat deck and aluminum panel gate. The GVW ranges from 3 to 5.5 tons, and it features a towing capacity of 3.5 tons. The engine has a displacement of two liters (available in 102/122/140/170 hp) and is mated to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission. FF, FR, or 4WD layouts are available (same specs for vans).


  Vans are the core products of the TGE series. The images below show the van with windows (bottom left) and a utility closed wagon (bottom right). The vans are available with two different wheelbases, three different roof heights (2.3, 2.5, and 2.8 m), and three different lengths (5.9, 6.8, and 7.3 m). Currently, no flat-floor vans with small diameter tires like those in Japan are available.


GTX 6x4 Tractor for South Africa and Australia

  Similar to Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, MAN exhibited right-hand drive vehicles (primarily for South Africa), which formed a trend at this IAA show. The exhibited cab features an XLX high roof, a D26 engine (13-liter inline six, 540 hp/2,500 Nm), a ZF 12-speed MT, and a GVW of 28 tons.

6x4 Tractor

World premiere of the NEOPLAN Tourliner sightseeing bus

  MAN's subsidiary NEOPLAN is a company with a long history that has achieved innovative designs for all its vehicles.

  The bus is 12m long, 2.5m wide, 3.8m tall, and is capable of carrying 44 passengers. Onboard is a 13-liter D26 inline-six engine with an output of 420 HP and 2,100 Nm, mated to a ZF 12-speed AMT.

NEOPLAN Tourliner

Volvo: Exhibition of a large tractor, heavy tractor, and truck race vehicle

  At the previous IAA show, Volvo had a large-scale display for its then-recently updated FH tractor together with new mechanisms it was equipped with. At this year's exhibition, the OEM exhibited a total of eight vehicles, such as a large tractor, dump truck, and an unusual truck race vehicle. True to its character, the automaker's exhibitions stood out for combining both mechanical parts and vehicles.

FH Performance Edition
Performance Edition
Globetrotter XL 4x2 tractor
Globetrotter XL 4x2

  Volvo exhibited its flagship FH truck, which was decorated with the Swedish flag, along with the catchphrase of "Go forward!!" The truck was first announced in 2015, but this show marked its debut. The bumper on the lower section of the cab has an aero cover to reduce air resistance. The truck features a D13K engine (13-liter inline six, 551 ps/2,652 Nm) combined with an I-Shift 12-speed AMT. The front features an independent full air suspension. The vehicle has a GCW of 44 tons, with a front axle weight of 7.5 tons and rear axle weight of 13 tons.

  The interior of the Performance Edition cab features blue leather on the seat sides (bottom right photo).

Performance Edition

FH tandem axle lift 6x4 full air suspension tractor

  Tandem axle lift functions on 6x2 vehicles are becoming standard equipment on trucks from all OEMs, but the FH tandem axle lift is the first of its kind. The exhibited vehicle had "Tandem Axle Lift" inscribed on the side of the cab. This function decreases tire wear when empty, cuts fuel consumption by 4%, and reduces the turning radius. The axle lift can be controlled by a switch on the instrument panel, and takes 15 seconds to raise or lower. The truck features a D13K engine (13 liter inline-six, 510 ps/2,550 Nm), a GVW of 100 tons, a front axle weight of 8 tons, and a rear axle weight of 21 tons.

FH tandem axle

  Pictured below is a cut-out model of the tandem axle chassis. Attendees who it could be assumed were developmental staff from other automakers were seen diligently studying and discussing the exhibition. Simultaneous exhibitions of mechanisms are unique to European truck shows.

FH tandem axle
Rear axle←   →Tandem axle lift

FH16 Globetrotter XL 8x4 full air suspension heavy tractor

  In Europe, the FH16 Globetrotter is a popular tri-axle heavy tractor (capable of lifting the second axle), along with its competitors from MAN and Scania. The back of the cab features a 2,000-liter fuel tank and beautifully configured auxiliary equipment from the German company POPP.


  This spring, a video of the truck pulling connected containers totaling 750 tons 300 m along a wharf was released. The truck features an I-Shift and two-speed crawler gear, and under optimal conditions it can tow a gross combination weight (GCW) of 325 tons from a standstill.

Engine L6, 16L, 750 ps / 3,550 Nm
I-Shift with two-speed ultra low-speed crawler gear

FM11 4x2 lightweight tractor

  Volvo also showcased its lightweight tractor, which was developed for mid to short ranges. A cab equivalent to that of an FM mid-size truck had its weight reduced to an optimal level. Mercedes-Benz also exhibited a similar vehicle. The vehicle's mass is less than 6 tons (not including crew). The FM11 has a 300-liter fuel tank, and a D11K engine (11-liter inline-six, 450 ps/2,193 Nm), and is capable of towing a GCW of 44 tons. The truck has a front axle weight of 7.1 tons and a rear axle weight of 11.7 tons.

The four front and rear wheels were put on a scale and measured.
With a crew, the truck weighs roughly 6.7 tons.
Aluminum lightweight coupler
lightweight coupler

Tuned FH tractor for The Iron Knight truck speed race

  In Europe, circuit races using various trucks are popular. Spectators are treated to a scene where vehicles powerfully showcase their speed and the sound of their engines. Usually, Volvo exhibits trucks aimed at professional business clients, but at this IAA show, the OEM exhibited its race vehicle, which holds the record for the fastest track speed.

Tuned FH tractor

  The cabin and chassis of the base vehicle is an FH 4x2 tractor, and the driver's seat was modified for full-fledged racing. The tuned D13 engine (pictured below) features a turbocharger and supercharger. The engine generates 2,400 ps/6,000 Nm, and the vehicle weighs 4.5 tons. The driver is Boije Ovebrink.

Tuned FH tractor

Renault Truck, Volvo Group: Exhibition of the High Edition of its flagship T truck, as well as a large rally truck

  As always, the Renault Trucks brand's booth was located to the right of the north entrance, next to the Volvo booth. Most of the automaker's small vehicles were exhibited at a separate venue, and a total of eight large to mid-size vehicles were put on display.

Renault Truck

  The theme for Renault Truck's exhibition was "toughness and adventure," and the OEM exhibited long-distance vehicles, urban delivery vehicles, and construction-related vehicles. On a separate note that is not particularly newsworthy, in place of the old Magnum, Renault Truck exhibited the High Edition of its large flagship T truck that was redesigned in 2013, as well as a large rally truck to add a bit of flair to its booth.

Renault Trucks T520 Maxispace cab 4x2 tractor High Edition

  The T520 Maxispace cab 4x2 tractor High Edition flagship model, with its revolutionary interior and exterior design, carries on the full flat floor cab layout used in the critically acclaimed Magnum, which is the predecessor of the T series. At this IAA show, similar to MAN and Volvo, Renault Trucks exhibited a special edition of its flagship truck to promote its products and expand sales.


  The cab features a flat floor and high roof, Maxispace cab design, and a DTI 13 engine (equal to Volvo's D13 engine: 13-liter inline-six, 520 ps/2,550 Nm) that transmits power via a 12-speed Optidriver AMT. It is also equipped with a Voith retarder and 700 kW engine retarder Optibrake system. GVW is 18 tons, and GCW 44 tons.


  The High Edition features a simple flat floor and leather seats, a revolving passenger seat, a digital speedometer, and a 7-inch infotainment display. The 12-speed AMT is controlled via the steering column, similar to Scania vehicles. Carbon fiber is used on various internal and external parts such as the instrument panel and front grill.


T 460 swap body vehicle

  Although swap body (detachable body) vehicles are only used by a very small number of carriers in Japan, they are the standard carrying equipment in Europe, and at the IAA show, all participating OEMs exhibited chassis with container twist-lock connecting systems. The T460, like its competitors, is a low-floor vehicle, but it has a connecting system that can be adjusted to five different heights to match various containers. The cab is a middle roof with a floor tunnel, and is a 6x2 vehicle with full air suspension.

T 460
DTI 11 engine (11-liter inline-six, 460 ps/2,200 Nm), 12-speed Optidriver AMT, 300 kW engine retarder, GVW 26 tons. The cab is a lift-up type capable of tandem-axle single-tire steering.
K 480 8x4 dump truck
K 480
480 ps/2,400 Nm, quad-axle leaf suspension, GVW 32 tons, 12-speed AMT
C 460 4x2 lightweight tractor
C 460
460 ps/2,200 Nm, air suspension in the rear axle, GVW 18 tons, 12-speed AMT
K 520 4x4 MKR Adventure rally truck (MKR is the modifying team)
K 520
Custom DTI13 engine 1,050 ps/4,200 Nm. The vehicle participates in races in locales like Morocco and Dakar, as well as the Silk Way Rally.

DAF Truck [Paccar Group]: Exhibition of its flagship XF Super Space cab

  DAF Truck, a regular at IAA shows, exhibited eleven large and mid-size trucks and engines with the theme of "low operating cost and the best profit per kilometer." The long-distance XF large tractor has a square design similar to trucks from Scania that is popular with drivers.

DAF Truck
DAF XF 510
XF 510 Special Edition 4x2 tractor
XF 510
Special Edition

  DAF's truck series flagship XF Super Space cab, which underwent a minor facelift to the front section and side skirt in 2014, was exhibited with original exterior coloring as an IAA special edition (right photo). The XF features a PACCAR MX-13 engine (13-liter inline-six, 510 ps/2,500 Nm) with power transmitted via a ZF AS Tronic 16-speed AMT, GVW of 18 tons, and GCW of 44 tons. Air suspension is featured on the rear axle. On the inside of the cab, the floor has a tunnel, and a 5 to 7-inch monitor is also included.

DAF Truck
Auxiliary equipment such as the oil-replenishing and fuel filler ports are laid out inside the front interior dash panel. Cab tilt is operated manually.
PACCAR MX-13 powertrain: MX13 engine (510 ps)+ZF 16-speed AMT+new rear axle. The axle differential emits less noise and requires less lubricant.

  Mid and large-size trucks from DAF's Silent Truck series (available since 2012), some of the OEM's biggest attractions, were put on display. The engine, gears, and transmission emit less noise, and feature a silent mode, which emits a maximum of 72 decibels.

Mid-size LF150 Silent Truck
Silent Truck
Large-size XF440 Silent 4x2 tractor
Silent 4x2 tractor

  The XF460 4x2 tractor features the coupler with the lowest height. Although various companies release low-floor tractors, at every show, DAF exhibits vehicles with a coupler height of 91 cm, which can support large-capacity low-floor trailers.


Major supplier exhibitions: ZF, Bosch, Continental, etc.

  European parts suppliers that provide mechanical parts, equipment, and electronics to automakers not only exhibited products in their fields of expertise, but also showed digital mirrors and 3D virtual imaging display equipment to promote driver support products.

ZF's transparent model


  Focusing on the major automobile industry trends of safety, high efficiency and autonomous driving, ZF's exhibition featured the theme of "see, think, and act." In addition to showcasing its electronically controlled mechanical parts, the central focus of the show was a transparent model made from clear acrylics that displayed the manufacturer's advanced mechanical devices. Driver support systems, which increase safety and allow for autonomous driving, were promoted via 3D virtual images. Like the previous IAA show, the manufacturer held a demonstration at the outdoor area of the venue that used a trailer truck equipped with a system that increases safety by combining information such as driving conditions and steering related information with data available online.

Safety improvement measures such as inter-vehicle distance sensors, lane departure warning, and sleep prevention functions are already in-use in Japanese vehicles.

  (Right photo) The new TraXon modular 12 to 16-speed AMT transmission for large vehicles is characterized by its toughness, quietness, powerful torque, and GPS assistance functions.

←EcoTronic mid for Medium-Duty Trucks         TraXon, The automatic commercial vehicle transmission→

Bosch: Safety measures and a virtual experience of autonomous driving using a life-size model of its Vision X concept


  At this IAA show, major manufacturers used full-size models to promote their technologies and add flair to the exhibition. Bosch's Vision X concept model featured a 3D virtual screen on its front window to present technologies such as autonomous driving, convoy driving, and enhanced safety features, which Bosch has stated can increase overall transport efficiency and reduce fuel consumption by 10%.


  Groups of ten guests experienced Bosch's exhibition every 30 minutes, and could sit where the passenger's seat would be located to see the screen. The display allowed a realistic experience.

Approaching the convoy, and connecting.
Driving in reverse at a truck terminal and releasing the trailer.
  • All situations used three monitors to check and operate in order to create a sense of autonomous driving.



  The global brake manufacturer WABCO used a simple 10 meter-long model truck to display its parts as well as to give explanations using a monitor. From the driver's seat, the manufacturer has enabled the visualization of advanced automotive technology (autonomous driving, convoy driving, and safety driving assistance) on which it has collaborated with the American company Peloton Technology and the Israeli technology firm Mobileye.



  Continental, which has converted itself from a tire manufacturer to a general automotive parts supplier, exhibited digital mirrors, a heads-up display, and a monitoring tool placed above the instrument panel for autonomous driving support.


  The American electronics manufacturer exhibited its Mirror Eye intelligent mirror system.


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