SAIC:Aims to be a comprehensive provider, including mobility services, by 2025

Promoting electrification, intelligent & connected, sharing, and internationalization



 SAIC Motor Group is China’s largest automaker group, based in Shanghai, and the first Chinese automaker group to sign joint venture agreements with foreign OEMs. In addition to finished car manufacturers, the group owns numerous other subsidiaries such as component manufacturers, automotive related services, and automotive finance-related companies. Furthermore, HUAYU Automotive Systems Company Limited, a major Chinese OEM and a major component manufacturer conducting business with foreign OEMs, is a subsidiary of the SAIC Motor Group.

 In 2018, the Group has set a total sales target of 7.255 million vehicles for an operating income of CNY 911.5 billion. By 2020, the Group aims to become the leading automotive group in China, not only in sales but also in terms of technical capability, and by 2025 seeks to become a global comprehensive provider of competitive and influential mobility services and products. During the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016 to 2020) the Group will collaborate with leading companies and challenge itself with new endeavors to further strengthen its electrification, intelligent & connected, sharing, and internationalization efforts.

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