VW Group (Part 2): implementing new "Together - Strategy 2025" plan

Launching 30 EV models and selling 2-3 million units annually by 2025



e-tron Sportback concept
The Audi e-tron Sportback concept (four-door Gran Turismo EV)

  The VW Group's "Together - Strategy 2025" plan for the future that was released in June 2016 illustrates how it aims to be a global leader in providing sustainable mobility over the coming years. The guideline clarifies challenges and objectives in four key areas: transforming core business as an automaker, building new mobility solutions businesses including on-demand mobility and car sharing, strengthening innovation power in the field of digitalization and AI technology, and securing funding.

  In its new model launch plan, VW Group will expand and update its SUV lineup, which is seeing increasing demand around the world. The VW brand plans to release a Tiguan long-wheelbase model, Golf-based T-Roc compact SUV, and highest grade Touareg SUV in 2017. The Audi brand will introduce its highest grade SUV, the Q8, in 2018 followed by the Q4 compact CUV in 2019.

  In the aftermath of its emissions scandal, the VW Group shifted its focus from diesel engines to electrification to comply with environmental regulations. The Group plans to launch a total of 10 electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in-hybrids (PHVs) by 2018 and 30 battery-powered EVs by 2025. These EVs are expected to cover various segments and all of the Group's brands. It aims to sell two to three million EVs annually by 2025.

  In China which is the largest market for the VW Group, it plans to increase sales by expanding its SUV lineup and launching new energy vehicles (NEVs) including EVs and PHVs. Two-thirds of the Group's global EV sales will come from China.

  In the U.S. market where the VW Group reached settlements in most of the disputes related to its diesel scandal, the VW brand intends to recover competitiveness through introduction of new SUVs including the Atlas and Tiguan long-wheelbase model in 2017. The Audi brand, which has enjoyed six consecutive years of sales growth in the U.S., will release the A5/S5 midsize coupe/convertible and Q5/SQ5 midsize SUV in 2017. The Q5 is being manufactured at Audi's new plant in Mexico which the company opened in September 2016, its first plant on the North American continent.

  The VW Group's unit sales and business results for 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, as well as unfolding of the diesel scandal are described in the prior report in this series.

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