Beijing Motor Show 2018 : Exhibitions from German OEMs

BMW's iX3 EV, and new models from VW and Daimler



Just as in 2017, the Beijing Motor Show 2018 (4/27-5/4, press days 4/25-26) was held at the New China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), located near the Beijing Capital International Airport, and the Old China International Exhibition Center (Old Venue), located in the center of the city. The New Venue was comprised of exhibitions for finished vehicle automakers and major components suppliers, while the Old Venue showcased components and selected models from the NEV (New Energy Vehicle) automakers.

Many visitors flocked to the New Venue, which was the main venue for finished vehicle automakers, to see the latest models from the various OEMs exhibiting at the venue's 220,000 square meter space: the massive turnout was on a scale with that of the largest of motor shows with a world-class number of exhibited vehicles. According to the organizer, a combined total of 820,000 guests visited the New and Old Venues, and roughly 1,200 companies from 14 countries and regions around the world held exhibitions. The theme of the show was "Steering To A New Era", with many OEMs exhibiting a larger number of NEV models and connected cars in comparison to the previous Shanghai Motor Show.

Part 1 of the Beijing Motor Show report will primarily focus on new models from the three German OEMs VW, BMW, and Daimler. The following reports in this series will cover models of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean OEMs.

The main venue, the China International Exhibition Center New Venue The New Venue was filled with enthusiasm

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