CES 2018: Growing prevalence of electric vehicles

Range of green vehicle models and applications steadily increasing



Entrance to CES exhibition halls

 CES 2018 was held from January 9 through January 12, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. The exhibition featured approximately 300,000 square feet dedicated to more than 160 automotive-related exhibits, the largest automotive presence at a CES show thus far. In recent years, the automotive presence at CES has rapidly grown, as OEMs and automotive suppliers aim to make announcements and showcase products to new audiences.

 The electric vehicles displayed at CES 2018 shows the progress made by the automotive market in developing environmentally friendly vehicles that can appeal to a range of audiences. The debuting electric vehicles at CES were all SUVs, which have recently had significant increases in demand. Hyundai's exhibit centered on the debuting Nexo fuel cell vehicle and its potential applications in providing power for a home, while Kia unveiled the Niro EV Concept, a modern compact SUV. In addition, both Korean brands announced a significant electric vehicle product offensive. Byton, a new entrant in the automotive world, unveiled its all-electric premium mid-size SUV concept as its first model.

 Automakers also displayed green vehicles that had previously debuted at other exhibitions. Nissan showcased its second-generation Leaf and the IMx concept. Mercedes-Benz showed models from its EQ electric mobility brand with the Concept EQA compact hatchback and smart vision EQ fortwo subcompact in addition to the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE supercar. Toyota displayed its Fine-Mobility Ride SUV. The green vehicle technology highlighted at CES 2018 highlights the importance of sustainability to the automotive market going forward.

 This report is one of two reports which highlight the automotive content primarily shown by OEMs at CES 2018. This report focuses on electric vehicles, concepts and green vehicle technology. The other report focuses on autonomous and intelligent technology applications in mobility as well as user and human-machine interfaces.

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