Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Exhibitions from Bosch, Denso, Aisin, and Mitsubishi Electric

Support for the three fields of electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity



The booths of automakers and parts manufacturers had a focus on electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show (October 25 to November 5 2017, Tokyo Big Sight).


Tokyo Motor Show 2017
Preview day, Tokyo Big Sight

This report will cover Bosch, Denso, Aisin, and Mitsubishi Electric's exhibitions, which prominently featured exhibits related to these three fields. Major displays included EV drive systems such as the eAxle, motors and inverters relating to electrification, positioning systems and vehicle control systems for autonomous driving, services utilizing over-the-air (OTA) updates and V2X, as well as numerous products and technology like next-generation human machine interface (HMI) for connectivity. Major exhibitions are listed in the following chart.

There is a global trend towards adopting EVs that is being lead primarily by Europe and China. As can be seen from their exhibitions, Japanese OEMs, which lead the market with hybrid vehicles (HVs), are rapidly preparing to support EVs in anticipation of various future changes in the market.

Because of the difficulty in realizing autonomous driving and connectivity through developing products and services alone, various companies are now collaborating with domestic and overseas companies, including those from different industries, and have been conducting demonstration experiments in collaboration with specialist institutions while also introducing multifaceted initiatives.




Major announcements and exhibitions related to electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity


Electrification Autonomous driving Connectivity


eAxle EV drive system

Vehicle position estimating technology, high-accuracy maps, Fail-operational EPS

OTA updates, preventive diagnosis, eCall automated emergency call service, next-generation head unit


SiC inverter, battery ECU

Stereo image sensor, millimeter wave radar

Analysis platform, preventive safety, service platform, preventive diagnosis, cyber security


1-Motor FWD hybrid transmission, eAxle

Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management, automated valet parking

Hospitality service, location information services

Mitsubishi Electric

ISG system for 48V hybrid vehicles

Autonomous driving technology demonstration vehicle, centimeter level augmentation service (CLAS), high-accuracy 3D mapping technology

Next-generation car navigation systems utilizing AI, onboard gateway, driver monitoring

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