Autonomous driving technology: Japanese and western OEM approaches

Audi A8 announces Level 3 autonomous vehicle



Audi A8
Audi A8, first production car to offer level 3 autonomous driving capabilities (Source: Audi)

In July 2017, Audi announced the release of its new A8, the world's first production automobile with Level 3 (Conditional Automation) autonomous driving capability (at highway speeds of 60 km/h or less).

OEMs are unveiling concept cars featuring autonomous driving technology at motor shows with the goal of introducing such vehicles into the market. However, because releasing a fully automated vehicle to the market may be considered unrealistic from a technological and market acceptance perspective, automakers are planning to release autonomous vehicles sequentially at the various levels of automation.

This report covers the autonomous driving technologies featured on production and concept vehicles, as well as future technological trends characterizing each OEM. This report was written based on technical press releases by Japanese and western automakers, as well as previous MarkLines reports.

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