China's green vehicles industry plan: developing PHV/EV/FCV as a national strategy

Popularization of HV and energy-efficient conventional vehicles/technologies is the immediate target



 In July 2012, China's State Council published a medium- to long-term plan called "Energy-efficient and new-energy vehicles industry development plan (2012-2020)", referred to below as "New industry development plan", that guides China's future development of its auto industry through 2020.

 Earlier, in March 2012, China's Ministry of Science and Technology had published "The 12th five-year-plan electric vehicle technology development special planning (2011-2015)", referred to below as "Electric vehicle technology development plan"), a technical version of the New industry development plan.

 Summarized below are the key points in the New industry development plan including those in the Electric vehicle technology development plan. The original text of the New industry development plan is available here (PDF file in Chinese).

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