JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition 2012: parts suppliers (1)

EV/HV/PHV and start/stop system technologies



 Reported below is an outline of exhibits of Electric vehicle (EV), Hybrid electric vehicle (HV) and Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHV) and start/stop system technologies displayed by automotive parts suppliers (and some material suppliers) at the 2012 Automotive Engineering Exposition held in Yokohama on May 23-25.

 Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group exhibited a PHV concept car, and Toray exhibited an EV concept car, each built with their advanced resin technologies.

 JFE Engineering Corporation exhibited a super-rapid charger that uses Toshiba's SCiB lithium-ion battery capable of delivering an 80% charge to an EV in eight minutes.

 Denso exhibited two new technologies related to powertrains for EV and HV, namely SiC (silicon carbide) inverters and motor stators downsized by a new winding structure.

 Schaeffler, NSK and Dynax (an Exedy subsidiary company) presented their in-wheel motor systems.

 NHK Spring exhibited accumulators used as the brake booster components on the Toyota Aqua.

 T.Rad exhibited heat collectors that heat the engine coolant with the exhaust heat immediately after the engine start to improve fuel efficiency and make heating available soon after the car starts off. Calsonic Kansei exhibited its exhaust heat collectors being developed with a similar purpose.


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