2011 Chinese auto sales growth slow sharply to 2.5%

Export volumes up by 49.4%; GM leads three segments



 The 2011 Chinese auto sales hold the number one position in the world with 18.5 million units for three years running since 2009, which do not include imports but exports, although the sales growth slowed to 2.5% (443K units) year-on-year. Passenger car (PC) sales were up by 5.2% over 2010 to 14.47 million units, while commercial vehicle (CV) sales (including chassis) declined by 6.3% over the same period to 4.033 million units. Minivan and mini truck sales dropped by 9.4% and 19.6% over 2010, respectively.

 The 2011 exports (volume) were up by 49.4% over 2010 to 814K units. Of them, passenger cars increased by 68.3% to 476K units and commercial vehicles by 29.1% to 338K units.

 As for the 2011 passenger car sales volume by engine displacement and transmission type, the models with displacement less than two-liter account for 90.51%, and MT-equipped models for 64.21%. Regarding the sales by model, the models built at Chinese joint plants of GM led the three segments, i.e., sedan (Buick Excelle), hatchback (Chevrolet Cruze), and minivan (Wuling).

 Between the end of 2009 to the end of 2010, the consumer auto fleet expanded by 15.21 million units to 78.02 million units. Among that number, personal automobile ownership made a large rise of 13.64 million units to a total of 59.39 million units, and it is expected to increase further to 86.50 million units in 2012.

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