Six central European countries produce 3.26 million units in 2010, up by 6% from 2009

VW produces New Small Family in Slovakia while Daimler manufactures A-/B-Class in Hungary



 This Report outlines the recent activities of OEMs that produce vehicles in six central European countries (Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Slovenia) (We added two countries - Serbia, where Fiat boosts production capacity, and Bulgaria, where Great Wall Motor builds a new plant).

 In the six countries, more than 3 million vehicles were produced per year from 2007. In 2010, 3.26 million, up by 200,000 from 2009, were produced. Most of them are exported to EU countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and the UK as well as Russia. In 2010, sales of compact cars slowed down due to the termination of each European country's scrap incentives. Yet, in 2011, the demand in Europe and Russia is expected to recover.

 Among OEMs that newly entered the market, Daimler will begin production of the next models of A-/B-Class in Hungary in 2012, while Great Wall Motor will produce one model each of a hatchback, a pickup, and an SUV in Bulgaria starting in September 2011.

 Among OEMs that plan to boost production capacity, Hyundai increases production capacity to 300,000 a year in the Czech Republic in 2012 (production volume in 2010: 200,000), VW to 400,000 in Slovakia by the fall of 2011 (in 2010: 110,000) for producing a low-priced model, the New Small Family, and Audi to 125,000 in Hungary by 2013 (39,000). In addition, Fiat is currently building production capacity of 200,000 a year (15,000) in Serbia.

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