TI Automotive Limited Business Report up until FY ended Dec. 31, 2009

Business Highlights

Recent Years


-In Apr. 2009, the Company was awarded the contract to supply fuel tanks to a future Toyota vehicle to be launched in China in 2011. The tanks will be produced at its Tianjin and Guangzhou, China locations. (From a press release on Apr. 15, 2009)

-In Apr. 2009, the Company announced new contracts to supply brake and fuel lines for the Volkswagen "Touareg" and Porsche "Cayenne" models being produced in Slovakia beginning in 2010. The brake lines will be delivered from its location in Trnava, Slovakia, with the fuel lines coming from Bielsko-Biala, Poland. (From a press release on Apr. 7, 2009)

-In Apr. 2009, the Company has won a contract to provide brake lines for the Volkswagen "Polo" to be manufactured in India beginning in late 2009. Brake lines will be produced at its plant in Baroda, India. (From a press release on Apr. 7, 2009)

-In Apr. 2009, the Company announced that it has earned the contract to supply fuel tanks and filler pipes for the new midsize sedan Volkswagen will introduce for the North American market. The lightweight plastic fuel tanks are produced at its plant in Hartwell, Georgia, USA. (From a press release on Apr. 7, 2009)


-In 2008, the Company is restructuring its global business operations. The Company will move the headquarters of its Global Fluid Carrying Systems division from Warren, Mich., to Heidelberg, Germany, and streamline the management of its fluid-carrying-systems, fuel-systems and HVAC business units in North America. (From a press release on Jul 23, 2008)


Year Award Company Subsidiary/ Facility
2009 Top Ten Quality Excellence Award Guangzhou Toyota China
2008 Safety Award Toyota Tianjin, China
2006 Excellent Supplier Award Suzuki -
2006 Quality and Delivery Performance Merit Certificate Honda Automoveis do Brasil TI Brazil Ind. e Com. Ltda.
2006 Silver Supplier of the Year Award Toyota Krioskar Motor India
2006 Excellent Supplier of the Year Award Brilliance Auto Changchun, China
2006 No.1 of Top 10 Suppliers of the Year Award FAW VW Changchun, China
2006 Best Quality Supplier of the Year Hainan Mazda Wuha/Hainan/Chongqing, China


Product Development

Ship In the Bottle (SIB) system
-The Company has broken new technological ground with the launch of its 'Ship In the Bottle' (SIB) System. SIB system's design and blow molding process internalizes all components into the tank and which were traditionally attached to the exterior of the fuel tank and exposed to the atmosphere, such as valves, lines and filters. The SIB System requires only one, or a maximum of two, openings in the tank shell, whereas in the past there was often up to six or seven. This, together with its robust connector technology, dramatically reduces the level of emissions from the fuel tank system.

Doublewall Tubing
-The Company's Doublewall tubing is designed to carry fluids at high pressure, as well as to provide greater assurance against leakage in low pressure applications. It is used extensively for hydraulic applications. The latest manufacturing techniques have allowed continuous brazing of double wall tube for precise control of the temperature and brazing conditions and can be coupled to other continuous processes, such as coating.

Fuel-tank System for the 2005 Ford GT
-The unique system includes the latest in fuel system technology and encloses fuel pumps, level sensors and other components inside a blow-molded plastic fuel tank to limit evaporative emissions. Referred to as a "ship in a bottle" or SIB design, the system was developed to help automakers meet stringent new evaporative emissions legislation, including LEV II and ZEV legislation in California. The Ford GT will be the world's first production car equipped with the Company's SIB technology.

Investment Activities

Investment Outside UK

<Mexico, China>
-In Apr. 2005, the Company announced that the Company is opening new plants in Mexico and China this year to support the growth of its global heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) business. The first is a 100,000-square-foot facility located in Reynosa, Mexico. The plant is the seventh its facility established in Reynosa. It began production in February of this year. The second plant is a 45,000-square-foot facility in Shanghai, China. The plant is located in the International Automobile City development next to a its brake-and-fuel line facility that opened in 2004. The new Shanghai facility is the first HVAC plant in China and the tenth its plant in that country. Production will begin in June 2005.

-In 2008, the Company is expanding its operations in Slovakia to support increased product demand from Hyundai, Kia and PSA Peugeot Citroen. The Company is building a new 15,000-square-foot facility in Trnava, Slovakia, to support brake and fuel line production for PSA Peugeot Citroen. (From a press release on Apr. 29, 2008)

-In July 2005, the Company announced Hanil USA, a subsidiary of the Company, is developing a new, multi-million-dollar manufacturing facility in Tallassee, Alabama. The plant will assemble plastic and steel tube components used in fuel-system assemblies for vehicles produced at a Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama facility in Montgomery, Alabama. Construction will begin immediately. Hanil is renovating an existing 10,000-square-foot facility and adding 6,500 square-feet with a $2.3-million investment in construction and manufacturing equipment.

-In June 2005, the Company opened its $30 million state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce automotive fuel-tank systems. The plant, located off Interstate 85 at Exit 177 in northeast Georgia, initially will manufacture blow-molded plastic fuel tanks and filler pipes for vehicles built in nearby Southern states by BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Hyundai. This plant initially will employ 100 people and has booked business to produce more than 480,000 automotive fuel-tank systems annually, and it will begin pilot production in September of this year. A majority of the jobs will be filled later 2005 and early in 2006.