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200 Innovation Way, Akron, Ohio 44316-0001, USA

Business Overview

-The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Goodyear) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tires and rubber products.

-Goodyear manufactures and sells tires under the Goodyear, Cooper, Dunlop, Kelly, Debica, Sava, Fulda, Mastercraft and Roadmaster brands, various other Goodyear-owned house brands, and the private-label brands of certain customers.

-Goodyear has three operating segments representing its regional tire businesses: Americas: Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific.

-On June 7, 2021, Goodyear completed the acquisition of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company ("Cooper Tire"). Cooper Tire’s results of operations have been included in its consolidated financial statements.





-The Company is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.


-All-season tires
-Summer tires
-Winter tires
-All-terrain tires
-Fuel-efficient tires
-Run on flat tires
-Sport performance tires

Rubber-related chemicals for various applications


1898 The Company was founded.
1910 Established the Company's first subsidiary and plant outside of the U.S. in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.
1935 Purchased Kelly-Springfield Tire Company.
1961 Acquired German tire manufacturer Fulda, and the Metal Wheel Company.
1983 Announced a merger between itself and Celeron Corporation, a diversified natural gas pipeline company.
1985 Entered a joint venture with Toyo Tire & Rubber Company.
1986 Signed an agreement with the Formosan Rubber Group Inc. to jointly produce automotive and industrial products in Taiwan.
Purchased Long Mile Rubber Company and Min Tire Equipment Inc.
1987 Formed 50:50 joint ventures with Pacific Dunlop Ltd., to establish South Pacific Tyres, an Australian partnership, and South Pacific Tyres N.Z. Ltd., a New Zealand company.
1994 Acquired a 60% interest in a USD 20 million joint venture with Qingdao Gold Lion Hose Company, the largest producer of auto hose in China.
1996 Purchased a 60% interest in Contred, a South African tire company.
1999 Announced USD 1 billion global alliance with Sumitomo Rubber Industries to establish six joint ventures in North America, Europe and Japan.
2000 Formed a joint venture with Treadco to combine its U.S. truck tire service and retreading outlets into a network of almost 200 service centers and 77 retreading plants. 
Reached an agreement with Michelin of France to jointly develop run-flat tire systems. 
Signed an agreement with Phoenix Automotive to share hose manufacturing capacity in Europe and North America. 
Sep. 2001 Reached an agreement with Siemens VDO to develop and market a system to alert drivers to low tire air pressure and excessive tire temperatures.
May 2002 Acquired an additional 20% stake in Sava Tires, a joint venture tire manufacturing company in Kranj, Slovenia, for approximately USD 38.5 million.
Mar. 2003 Signed a five-year agreement with TRW Automotive to jointly study tires, braking, suspension and steering systems to accelerate product development .
Apr. 2003 Sold 20,833,000 shares in Sumitomo Rubber and allowed Sumitomo Rubber Industries to acquire them as a repurchase. 
2003 Purchased Arkansas Best Corporation's remaining 19% ownership interest in Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, LLC, a joint venture company formed by Goodyear and Arkansas Best Corporation to sell and service commercial truck tires.
Jun. 2004 Completed acquisition of the remainder of Sava Tires d.o.o., a tire manufacturing company in Kranj, Slovenia, for USD 52 million. 
Nov. 2004 Announced an agreement in principle to sell 95% stake in Goodyear Sumatra Plantations (GSP) to Bridgestone Corporation.
Sep. 2005 Completed sale of Wingtack adhesives resins business to Sartomer Company Inc., a unit of the French energy firm Total S.A.
Dec. 2005 Completed sale of North America farm tire assets to Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International, Inc. 
Jan. 2006 Acquired Ansell Limited's interest in South Pacific tyres (SPT), joint venture in both Australia and New Zealand.
Sep. 2006 Agreed to sell its global tire fabric operations to Hyosung Corporation, pending government and regulatory approvals.
Mar. 2007 Announced agreement to sell substantially all of its Engineered Products business to EPD, Inc., an entity sponsored by Carlyle Partners IV, LP.
Oct. 2008 Acquired the remaining 25% ownership interest in Goodyear Dalian Tire Company Ltd., its tire manufacturing and distribution subsidiary in China. 
Sep. 2009 Commenced tender offer to acquire any and all outstanding shares of Polish tire company TC Debica. 
Jun. 2011 Agreed to sell its wire business to Korea-based Hyosung Corporation which produces tire reinforcements
Jul. 2011 Closed its tire manufacturing facility in Union City, Tennessee, U.S.
2014 Closed its manufacturing facilities in Amiens, France
Jun. 2015 Announced to dissolve the alliance agreement and joint ventures with Sumitomo Rubber Industries.
Oct. 2015 Dissolved the alliance agreement and joint ventures with Sumitomo Rubber Industries.
Jun. 2021 Completed the acquisition of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

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