Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



No.348, Tongzipo West Road, National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan, China

Business Overview

-The company is mainly engaged in R&D, design, production and sales of energy-saving, power batteries, and drive systems for new energy vehicles.

- In the nickel-hydrogen battery global market, the company rankd third (including the acquisition of Shonan, Japan). The first and second are PEVE (Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd.) and Panasonic (including the acquisition of Japanese Sanyo).


-Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (As of Dec.31, 2017)
Major shareholder Shareholding ratio (%)
Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd 17.76
Zhong Faping 6.92
Shanghai Guozhijie Investment Development Co., Ltd. 3.18
Caitong Fund- Ping An Bank and - Hunan Jingming Investment and Development Partnership (limited) 2.73
Shenzhen Hongtu Ruili Investment Co., Ltd. 2.58
Sheng Chunlin 2.14
Gao Yaping 2.13
Other shareholders 62.56
Total 100.00



-Forming nickel
-Ball nickel
-Alloy powder
-Steel strips
-Positive films
-Negative films
-Single batteries
-Battery modules
-NiMH batteries
-Nickel-zinc batteries
-Power Batteries
-Power battery packs
-Oil cooled battery packs

Hybird powertrain system

-HT: Hybird transmissions
-EMS: Engine management systems
-Oil pump control units
-BMS: Battery management systems
-PEU: Power electronics units
-HCU: Hybird control units


1998 Changsha Liyuan New Material Co.,Ltd. (former) was established.
Sep. 2003 Changsha Liyuan New Material Co.,Ltd. listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Jan. 2008 Changsha Liyuan New Material Co.,Ltd. completed the shareholding system reform, and changed name to Hunan Corun New Energy Co.,Ltd.
Nov. 2009 National Engineering Research Center of Advanced Energy Storage Materials Co.,Ltd. was formlly approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.
Jan. 2011 Accquired a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic battery power company - Shonan factory.
Oct. 2013 The Changshan Plant started automatic production of Ni-MH automotive batteries.
Oct. 2014 Established a joint venture Corun Hybrid Technology Co.,Ltd. with Geely. 
Aug. 2014 Established a joint venture Corun Peve Automotive Battery Co.,Ltd. with PEVE and Toyota.
Sep. 2016 The Changshu Plant formally put into operation.
Sep. 2016 Signed an investment agreement with Geely, Chang'an and Yunnei Power, to build the CHS platform.
Dec. 2016 CHS system products were released.
Sep. 2017 The Foshan Hybrid Powertrain Industrial Plant started production.

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