Yasunaga Corporation

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3860 Midorigaoka Naka-mach, Iga City, Mie Prefecture 518-0834, Japan

Business Overview

-A supplier of automotive engine parts.
-Integrated manufacturing system, from production of casting materials to in-house development of processing technology to machining and logistics.

Financial Highlights for FY ended March 2016

- Sales were JPY 30.91 billion, a year-over-year (y/y) increase of 4.4%, and operating profit was JPY 373 million (a y/y increase of 148.7%). The Company incurred an ordinary loss of JPY 158 million (it posted an ordinary profit of JPY 339 million in the previous year) due to factors like appraisal losses from foreign currency borrowings at subsidiaries overseas. Net loss attributable to owners of the parent company was JPY 614 million (Net profit of JPY 86 million was generated in the previous year). One of the major factors that contributed to the loss was an impairment loss on fixed assets of JPY 91 million posted at a Korean subsidiary.

Engine components business
-Sales were JPY 20.97 billion, a y/y increase of 4.0%, and operating profit was JPY 172 million (an operating loss of JPY 185 million was posted in the previous fiscal year). Sales decreased in Japan and Indonesia, while exports to the U.S. increased. The operation launch of a Thai subsidiary in the first quarter also contributed to the sales increase.

-The Company announced that it will establish a new subsidiary to manufacture and sell engine parts and machine tools in Jalisco, Mexico in July 2015. Capitalized at MXN 80 million (approximately JPY 640 million), the new company will be tentatively called Yasunaga Mexico S.A. de C.V. It will cover a land area of approximately 30,000 square meters. Operations are expected to start around the summer of 2018. (From a press release on May 14, 2015)

Mid-term Management Plan (FY ending Mar. 2015 - FY ending Mar. 2017)

<Consolidated financial target for FY ending Mar. 2017 (in million JPY)>

Sales Operating income Operating profit margin
Overall 34,000 1,020 3.0
-Engine components business 21,900 170 0.8

<Business Strategy>
Strengthening production structure to support customers' operations
-The engine components division will step up its marketing efforts by focusing on its "5C" products, namely, connecting rods, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, cam shafts, and crankshafts.
-The Company aims to become the No.1 supplier of connecting rods by utilizing its overseas production bases in other Asian countries.


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2016)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
YASNAG 16.62
Employee Stockholdings 4.95
Individual shareholder 2.78
Individual shareholder 2.75
Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. 1.89
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. 1.78
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 1.68
The Hyakugo Bank, Ltd. 1.24
Resona Bank, Limited. 1.24
IBJ Leasing Company, Limited 1.22
Total 36.15


Connecting rods
Cylinder heads
Cylinder blocks
Cam shafts
Crank shafts
Exhaust manifolds
Bearing caps
Lash adjusters


Sep. 1949 Incorporated Yasunaga Steel Works Co., Ltd. in Ueno City, Mie to produce home sewing machine arm beds.
Mar. 1953 Started production of pig iron casting products.
Apr. 1963 Started production of agricultural engine parts and automotive parts.
Feb. 1967 Started full scale production of automotive engine components.
Mar. 1967 Constructed the Nabari Plant in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture.
Apr. 1970 Started business with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
Nov. 1982 Established the Saimyoji Plant in Ueno City, Mie Prefecture, which started operations as an automotive engine parts plant.
Apr. 1988 Changed the trade name from Yasunaga Steel Works to Yasunaga Corporation.
Oct. 1993 Absorbed Yasunaga Engineering Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1994 Absorbed Yasunaga Casting Corporation.
Feb. 1996 Established P.T. Yasunaga Indonesia in Indonesia.
Feb. 1996 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Oct. 1998 Established a sales subsidiary in USA, Yasunaga Corp. America (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Feb. 2006 Started commercial operations at its Yumeporisu Plant located in Iga-City, Mie Prefecture. The plant produces engine parts.
Mar. 2011 Established Yasunaga Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea.
Dec. 2012 Established Yasunaga (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Thailand.
Jul. 2013 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange after the cash equity market of the Osaka Securities Exchange was integrated with that of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jun. 2014 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jul. 2015 Established YASUNAGA MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. in Mexico as a subsidiary.

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