Bosch [Bosch Corporation]

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3-6-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8360 Japan

Business Overview

-A Japanese subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a Germany-based leading automotive component supplier.

-Develops, manufactures and sells engine management systems and components, brake systems for passenger cars, transmission control systems, control units for air bag and various automotive sensors.


-Unlisted Company

Shareholders Investment Ratio (%)
Robert Bosch GmbH 100.0


Gasoline Systems
Fuel injection systems
-Direct injection systems
-Port fuel injection systems
-Flex fuel port injection systems

Electronic throttle control: ETC/EGAS
-Accelerator pedal modules
-Electronic throttle bodies

Engine management for manifold injection

Fuel supply
-Electric fuel pumps
-In-tank fuel pump units
-Fuel injectors
-Fuel distributors: fuel rails

Modules and engine components
-Diagnosis modules for fuel tank leakage
-Cylinder head covers
-Oil separators
-Canister purge valve TEV
-Plug-in connections
-Secondary-air pumps
-Intake modules

-Single-spark ignition coils
-Ignition coil modules

-Power system actuation
-ECU actuators and modules
-ECUs for automated shift transmissions
-Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) pushbelts
-ECUs for CVT


Start/stop systems
-Boost Recuperation System (BRS)

-Engine management sensors
-Exhaust management sensors
-Transmission speed sensors

Diesel Systems
Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Fuel-injection management
-Common rail systems
-Unit injector systems
-Injection nozzles
-Low-pressure systems
-Axial-piston and radial-piston distributor pumps
-Unit Pump Systems (UPS) for commercial vehicles
-Single-cylinder injection pumps for commercial vehicles
-In-line pumps for commercial vehicles


Start/stop systems

Glow systems
-Glow control units
-Glow plugs

Air management
-Intake-air management
-Throttle-valve control
-Exhaust gas recirculation actuators
-Plastic control flaps for diesel engines
-Swirl actuators
-Boost pressure actuators
-Exhaust gas turbocharger actuators
-Hot-film air-mass meter (HFM)
-Air temperature sensors
-Boost pressure sensors

Exhaust gas cleaning
-NOx-catalytic converters
-Accumulator-type NOx catalytic converters
-Particulate-filter systems
-Denoxtronic SCR systems
-Sensors for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

-Engine management sensors
-Exhaust management sensors

HV/EV Systems
-Electric machines with both motor and generator functions
-Cooperative regenerative braking systems
-High voltage batteries

Chassis Systems Control

Braking systems
-Vacuum pumps
-Combined oil-vacuum pumps and fuel-vacuum pumps
-Brake boosters
-Electric brake boosters
-Tandem master cylinders
-Hydraulic boosters
-Mechanical brake assist EVA (Emergency Valve Assist)

Active safety systems
-Antilock Braking System (ABS)
-Traction control systems
-Electric Stability Program (ESP)

Driver assistance systems
-Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
-Intelligent headlight control systems
-Road sign recognition systems
-Parking aid systems
-Side view assist systems
-Night Vision Plus - Active infrared night vision systems
-Driver drowsiness detection systems
-Predictive emergency braking systems
-Lane assist systems
-Predictive pedestrian protection systems
-Construction zone assist systems
-Mid-range and long-range radar
-Multi-purpose cameras

Passive safety systems
-Crash detection systems
-Airbag control units
-Pedestrian protection systems
-Airbag control sensors
-Peripheral acceleration sensors
-Pedestrian contact sensors

Electrical Drives
Window and roof actuators
-Window lift drives
-Sunroof drives

Seating and comfort actuators
-Seat actuators and drives
-Steering column drives

Thermal management systems
-Climate control systems

  • Blower control units
  • Blower modules
  • Air conditioning systems

-Engine thermal management

  • Blower modules
  • Engine cooling drives
  • Engine cooling pumps
  • Engine cooling valves

Wiper systems
-Front and rear wiper drives for various windshield and window sizes

  • Wiper arms
  • Wiper blades

Starter Motors and Generators
-Starters for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Generators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Start/stop motors

Car Multimedia

Car Hi-Fi Systems
-In-vehicle video
-Sound systems

Information and navigation systems
-Screen-based dynamic navigation
-Radio Hi-Fi navigation
-Infotainment systems
-mySPIN - Smartphone integration system

Display systems
-Head-up Display (HUD)
-Programmable instrument cluster
-DualView display

Automotive Electronics
-Multiplex systems
-Electric/Electronic architectures
-12V DC-DC converters


-IP modules

-Body electronic control units
-Braking control systems
-Engine management systems
-Various control units

Automotive Steering
-Steering gears for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Pumps for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Steering columns for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Electro Hydraulic Power Steering systems (EHPS)
-Electric Power Steering systems (EPS)
-Steering angle sensors
-Steering torque sensors


Jul. 1939 Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd. was established with capital of 6 million yen in Kojimachi, Tokyo.
May 1940 Completed construction and began operations at the Matsuyama Plant (currently called the Higashi Matsuyama Plant), a factory producing fuel injection systems. (The city of Matsuyama has since been renamed to Higashi Matsuyama, in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture.)
Oct. 1941 Developed and began producing 6-cylinder fuel-injection pump for automobiles.
Jan. 1953 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Oct. 1961 Listed on the the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange
Apr. 1963 Moved head office to Shibuya Ward, in Tokyo, after construction of the headquarters building was completed.
Apr. 1965 Started operations at Sayama Plant (a nozzle holder plant) in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture.
Jul. 1990 Adopted the name Zexel Corporation.
Sep. 1990 Moved main office from Shibuya to Toshima Ward, Tokyo.
Nov. 1993 Moved main office to Shibuya Ward, Tokyo after construction of the headquarters building was completed.
Aug. 1997 Robert Bosch GmbH became the primary shareholder.
Dec. 1998 Robert Bosch Corporation became the primary shareholder.
Apr. 1999 Issued new shares to be allocated to Bosch Group per a third-party stock allocation, whereby Robert Bosch GMBH became the primary shareholder and parent company.
Oct. 1999 Became the parent company of Bosch Brake Systems Corporation.
Mar. 2000 Transferred the automotive climate control devices business to Tama Seisaku-sho Corporation (currently called Valeo Thermal Systems Japan Corporation).
Jul. 2000 Name changed to Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation.
Jan. 2001 Took over gasoline injection, transmission, and other businesses from Bosch Corporation.
Aug. 2001 Issued new shares allocated to Robert Bosch GmbH.
Merged and absorbed Bosch Electronics Corporation.
Jan. 2002 Merged and absorbed Zexel SE Ojima into the company.
Jul. 2002 Merged and absorbed Bosch Brake Systems.
May 2005 Sold shares of a joint venture with Valeo (one time called Zexel Valeo Climate Control Corporation but which is currently Valeo Thermal Systems Japan Corporation), to Valeo.
Jul. 2005 Merged with Bosch K.K., leaving Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation as the surviving company and adopting its current name of Bosch Corporation.
Nov. 2006 Established Bosh Engineering Services Japan KK.
Oct. 2008 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bosch Group. The Company's stock was delisted.
Oct. 2009 Expanded office building and automotive maintenance shop at Bosch Technical Center Memanbetsu (TCM) in Hokkaido.
June 2010 Expanded Yokohama office, Bosch’s R&D base in Yokohama.
2013 Established Bosch Automotive Thailand Co., Ltd. in Rayong, Thailand.
2014 Established first auto parts plant in Indonesia (Bekasi, West Java).

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