JTEKT Corporation

Company Profile




1-1 Asahi-machi, Kariya-city, Aichi 448-8652 Japan

Business Overview

-Manufactures and sells of steering systems, bearings, drivetrains, machine tools, electronic control devices and other products.

-The Company operates its business based on two business divisions, the machine-tool parts business consisting of the steering, drivetrain, and bearing businesses; and the machinery/equipment business.

Segment Products
Automotive Electric Power Steerings (EPS),Hydraulic power steerings and other steering systems, Intelligent torque controlled couplings (ITCC), Torsen, Pressure regulation valves for FCV
Industrial/Bearings Ball bearing, roller bearings, bearing units, and other bearings, oil seals
Machining Equipment Grinding machines, machining centers, cutting machines, control equipment (including IoE-related products), industrial heat treatment furnaces, etc.

-According to the Company, it has the world’s largest market share in the power-steering segment.


Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime, Nagoya Stock Exchange Premier (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 22.52
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 13.51
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 9.33
Denso Corp. 5.36
Nippon Life Insurance Co. 3.24
Toyota Industries Corporation 2.28
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd. 2.23
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 1.86
Toyota Tsusho Corporation 1.74
JTEKT employee stock ownership plan 1.67
Total 63.72


Steering Systems
-Electric Power Steerings: EPS

  • Column type EPS
  • Pinion type EPS
  • Dual pinion type EPS
  • Rack direct-drive type EPS
  • Rack Parallel type EPS
  • Hydraulic-Electric type Power Steerings: H-EPS

-Hydraulic power steerings

  • Rack & pinion type normal hydraulic power steerings
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic power steerings
  • Ball screw type hydraulic power steerings

-Units / Components

  • Electric Variable-Gear-Ratio steerings: E-VGR
  • Variable flow control pumps: V.F.C. pumps
  • Steering columns
  • Intermediate shafts
  • Power steering pumps
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Reservoir tanks

-Input shafts
-Lower shafts
-Power boxes

-Propeller shafts
-Cross bearings for propeller shafts
-Torsen Limited slip differentials

  • Torsen type-A
  • Torsen type-B
  • Torsen type-C
    • Torsen compact type-C
    • Torsen twin differential


    • 4WD couplings
    • Intelligent torque controlled couplings : ITCC
    • Electronically controlled rotary blade couplings

    -Differential carrier ASSY

    -Hub units

    • Hub units
    • Taper roller hub units
    • Double angular contact ball bearings

    Engine and Peripheral parts
    -Damper pulleys
    -Drive plates

    Transmission parts
    -Electric Pump for Idle-stop System
    -Oil Pump
    -Solenoid Valves
    -Standard type manual mode A/T shifter
    -Standard type straight A/T shifter

    Bearings: Automotive bearings and unit products
    -Engine and peripheral parts

    • Bearings for rocker arms
    • Bearings for variable valve mechanism
    • Bearings for balance shaft
    • Idler pulleys
    • Water pump bearings
    • Bearings for alternator
    • Clutch pulleys for alternator
    • Bearings for compressor pulley
    • Thrust bearings for compressor
    • Bearings for turbocharger
    • Oil seals


    • Thrust Needle Roller Bearings
    • Needle roller bearing for planetary gear
    • LFTIII
    • Oil seals


    • Hub Unit
    • Double Angular Contact Ball Bearings

    -Deep groove ball bearings
    -Angular contact ball bearings
    -Special environment ball bearings
    -Thrust ball bearings
    -Self-Alighing ball bearings
    -Spherical roller bearings
    -Tapered roller bearings
    -Cylindrical roller bearings
    -Needle roller bearings

    High Heat-Resistant Lithium-ion Capacitor


    Jan. 1921 Koyo Seiko Co. founded in Ikuno Ward, Osaka and started production of bearings.
    Jan. 1935 Company reorganized as a corporation and renamed as Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd.
    May 1938 Merged with the Second Koyo Seiko Factory (currently Kokubu Plant).
    Aug. 1943 Acquired Koyo Seiki Industries (currently the mini and small route business section) and Hikari Heavy Industries (formerly the Tokyo Factory).
    Nov. 1944 Acquired Nagao Sangyo's factory (formerly Tokushima factory).
    May 1949 Listed on both the Osaka and Tokyo Stock Exchanges.
    July 1949 Listed on the Nagoya, Kyoto and Fukuoka Stock Exchanges.
    Apr. 1961 Constructed the Lindberg Plant (manufactures industrial furnaces) in Ikuno Ward, Osaka.
    Aug. 1961 Spun off its Sawing Machinery Division and Industrial Machine Division, and formed them into a new company, Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
    Aug. 1963 Listed on the Sapporo Stock Exchange.
    Nov. 1963 Completed construction of the Tokushima Plant.
    July 1967 Spun off Lindberg Plant and established Koyo Lindberg Heavy Duty Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Sola Basic Industries Inc. (presently Koyo Thermo System Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary)
    Aug. 1969 Established the Hamura Plant.
    Sep. 1969 Established Koyo TRW Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with TRW Inc. (The company name was changed to Koyo Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd. in Dec.1973 upon dissolution of the joint venture contract with TRW Inc.)
    Nov. 1973 Established American Koyo Bearing Manufacturing Corp. in Orangeburg South Carolina, USA, as a joint venture with American Koyo Corp.
    Nov. 1975 Established Hiketa plant.
    Feb. 1979 Operations of the former Tokyo plant was integrated into Hamura plant and the plant was renamed as Tokyo plant.
    Aug. 1980 Reduced capital by 75%.
    Sep. 1980 Toyota Motor Corporation became the largest shareholder through allocation of new shares to a third party. (76 million shares were issued, offering price per share of 600 yen).
    Nov. 1981 American Koyo Bearing Manufacturing Corp. and American Koyo Corp. merged into Koyo Corporation of USA (presently a consolidated subsidiary).
    Apr. 1987 Merged Koyo Jidoki and took up their facilities as Nara plant and Toyohashi plant.
    Apr. 1988 Established TRW Koyo Steering Systems in Vonore, Tennessee as a joint venture with TRW Inc.
    Oct. 1989 In order to make steering at Toyoda Machine Works, established Toyoda TRW Automotive, Inc. (currently JTEKT Automotive Tennessee-Morristown, Inc.; currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Tennessee, the U.S.
    Feb. 1990 Established Koyo Bearings (Europe) Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Burnsley, South Yorkshire, UK.
    Mar. 1990 Established Kameyama Plant
    Mar. 1993 Purchased additional shares of Societe De Mecanizue D'Irigny S.A. (currently JTEKT Europe S.A.S.; currently a consolidated subsidiary) located in France and made it into a subsidiary
    May 1998 Purchased shares of S.C.Rulmenti Alexandria S.A. (Alexandra, Romania) and changed the name of the company to Koyo Romania S.A.
    Mar. 2000 Purchased shares of Koyo Steering Dijon Saint Etinne S.A.S. (Dijon, France) (currently JTEKT Automotive Dijon Saint-Etienne S.A.S.; currently a consolidated subsidiary) acquired its subsidiary, Koyo Steering Europe S.A.S., (currently JTEKT Europe S.A.S.; a subsidiary company), and made it into a subsidiary.
    Sep. 2003 Acquired all the shares that the Company's partner held in TRW Koyo Steering Systems Co., then changed TRW into a subsidiary, changing the name to Tennessee Koyo Steering Systems Co. (currently JTEKT Automotive Tennessee-Vonore Co.; a consolidated subsidiary).
    Feb. 2005 Signed a basic agreement on the merger with Toyoda Machine Works Ltd.
    Jan. 2006 Merged with Toyoda Machine Works Ltd., becoming JTEKT Corporation.
    July 2009 Entered into a purchase contract with the Timken Company to acquire its needle bearing business.
    Dec. 2009 Acquired the needle bearing business from the Timken Company.
    May 2010
    Established JTEKT Research and Development Center (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in China.
    July 2011
    Absorbed GKN JTEKT into its own operations.
    Oct. 2012
    Absorbed Toyoda Machine Works Torsen Co., Ltd. into its own operations.
    Oct. 2014
    Opened a large bearing development center.
    Jun. 2017 Turned SONA Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. located in New Delhi, India into a subsidiary.
    Dec. 2017 Turned Fujikiko Co., Ltd. into a subsidiary.
    Jan. 2019 Turned Daibea Co., Ltd into a subsidiary.
    Jan. 2020 Turned Yutaka Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. into a wholly owned subsidiary
    Jun. 2021 Relocated headquarters to Kariya, Aichi Prefecture.
    Oct. 2022 The names of 10 subsidiaries were changed.
    Apr. 2023 Changes of company names: Koyo Bearings (Europe) Ltd. to JTEKT Automotive England Ltd.; Koyo Romania S.A. to JTEKT Bearings Romania; Fuji Kiko Co., Ltd. to JTEKT Column Systems; and Daibea Co., Ltd. to JTEKT Precision Bearings Co., Ltd. 

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