Inoac Corporation

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2-13-4 Meieki-Minami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, 450-0003, Japan

Business Overview

-Develops urethane, rubber, plastics, and composite materials. Delivers automotive interior and exterior decorative parts, industrial materials for interior products, cosmetic containers, and housing materials. In the 2021 fiscal year, automotive products accounted for 44%.

-The Company has established joint ventures with ABC Group, Inc. and Woodbridge Foam Corporation both based in Canada, and a Chinese supplier Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Company.


-Unlisted company


Interior parts
-Instrument panels
-Energy absorption parts
-Molded ceilings
-Pillar garnishes

Seat parts
-Seat cushions
-Head rests

Molding parts
-Window moldings
-Roof moldings

Exterior parts
-Aero spats
-Side mudguards
-Rear spoilers

Functional parts
-Air intake ducts/Resonators
-Sound deadening parts for resonator
-Steering deadening parts for resonator
-Steering column hole covers
-Hood seals/Door weatherstrip
-Door cushions
-Plug holes/Packing


1926 Established the Inoue Gomu Seizousyo to produce bicycle tire tubes.
1934 Started overseas operations by exporting the IRC Brand tire tube to Southeast Asia.
1938 Incorporated Inoue Rubber Co., Ltd.
1954 Established MTP Kasei.
First company in Japan to manufacture and sell polyurethane foam.
1955 Adopted ceiling materials / heat insulating materials for engine compartments
1960 Started to produce vacuum formed polyvinyl chloride sheet products
1968 Adopted plastic molds for automobiles
1979 Started to produce plastic bumpers (PP)
1980 Established Inoue MTP Co. Ltd. as the result of the merger of Inoue Rubber and MTP Kasei.
Launched the "INOAC" brand.
Established Inoue Cellotechs as a joint venture with Jim Walter Inc.
1984 Adopted instrument panels using powder slash molds
1987 Started to produce blow molded spoilers
1988 Started to produce Beneron sheets domestically by entering into a technical partnership with Benecke-Kaiko Group.
June, 1990 Changed name of company to Inoac Corp.
1994 Started to produce instrument panels using HPI Technology
1995 Established Kansai Inoac and Chita Inoac.
1996 Started to produce instrument panels integrated with airbag doors
1997 Seino Inoac renamed Inoac Elastomer Co., Ltd.
1998 Established IW foam corporation, a joint venture company with Woodbridge of Canada, to manufacture automobile cushions.
1999 Established BASF Inoac polyurethane.
2000 Established SAI Automotive SAI Japan KK, a joint venture company, with Faurecia of France
2001 Established a joint venture company with RECTiCEL S.A. of Belgium to manufacture automobile interior parts.
Estabiished Inoac Tokai (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a company to produce medium-pressure and low pressure hoses in Thailand.
2004 Established Tianjin Inoac Polymer Co., Ltd. in China to manufacture and sell automotive components.
Established Inoac Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand to manufacture automotive resin products.
2005 Established the Toyohashi Plant in Aichi Prefecture as an integrated production base for headrests. The facility has a seamless production structure, which includes cutting of headrest cover through finishing.
2006 Established Dongguan Inoac Polymer Co., Ltd. in China to manufacture high-performance urethane foam.
Established Inoac (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand, which supervises the Group's affiliated companies in Asia.
Nov. 2007 The Company and Woodbridge Foam of Canada signed a joint-venture contract to collaborate in the automotive seats urethane foam business. Based on the agreement, Woodbridge Foam will acquire 50 percent of the share capital in Kyusyu Inoac Co., Ltd., while the Company will obtain 50 percent of the share capital in Saltillo Interior Trim S.A. de C.V., which is Woodbridge Foam's production base in Mexico.
Established the Kitakami Plant in Iwate Prefecture as an integrated production base for automotive interior and exterior components.
2008 Established Saltillo Interior Trim S.A. de C.V. in Mexico to manufacture foam products.
2009 Established Tianjin Inoac Huaxiang Automobile Produces in Tianjin, China.
2011 Acquired 100% of the shares in Inoac Exterior Products LLC based in North America to enhance its automotive spoiler business.
2012 Established ABC Inoac Exterior Systems in USA and Canada to produce automotive exterior components.
2013 Started series production at Inoac Polymer Lanka (PUT) Ltd. in Sri Lanka.  *At first, urethane form is produced for apparel business in India.
2014 Established the general foundation named the "Polyurethane International Technology Promotion Foundation".
2015 Started volume production on new foaming line at INOAC (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
2016 Started volume production on foaming lines at INOAC VIETNEM CO., LTD.
2016 Started volume production on new foaming line at PT. INOAC POLYTECHNO INDONESIA.
2017 Established Inoac Ryukyu Co., Ltd. as the group's first company in Okinawa prefecture.
2021 Built a new production plant at PT Inoac Polytechno Indonesia.

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