Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

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203 Teheran Road (Yeoksam-dong), Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Business Overview

-The Company is the No. 1 auto-parts manufacturer in Korea.

-The Company conducts its business in two operating segments.

Segments Major products Percentage of sales out of the Company's total sales in 2021
Automotive modules and major automotive parts Chassis modules
Cockpit modules
Front End Module (FEM)

Aftermarket products

Aftermarket repair parts 20.2%

-In the module and parts manufacturing business, the company supplies chassis modules, cockpit modules, and front end modules (FEM) to Hyundai and Kia on a just-in-sequence (JIS) basis. The company also supplies brakes, steering systems, airbags, lamps, etc. to global OEMs in addition to Hyundai/Kia.

-In addition to its domestic Korean facilities, the Company operates production facilities in China, India, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Mexico, U.S., Russia and Brazil.


(As of Dec. 31, 2021)

Main Shareholders Ownership Ratio (%)
Kia Motors Corporation 17.37
Chung, Mong Goo 7.17
Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd. 5.82
Hyundai Glovis Co., Ltd. 0.69
Others 68.95
Total 100.00


Autonomous Driving

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
-LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System)
-SCC (Smart Cruise Control)
-AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking)
-HDA (Highway Driving Assist)
-Automatic Parking

Convenience Specs
-Surround view monitors
-Camera monitoring systems
-Driver monitors
-Rear parking steering assist
-Blind spot detection (BSD)

-Ultrasonic sensors

Vehicle communication
-Integrated body controllers
-Smart key / authentication controllers
-Communication control units



Power Converters
-Power control unit (PCU)
-On-board charger (OBC)

Driving System
-EV drive motors
-HEV drive motors
-High-voltage starter generator (HSG)
-In-wheel motor systems 

Electric Energy Systems
-BSA (Belt-driven Starter Alternator)
-BMS (Battery Management System)
-BTMS (Battery Thermal Management System)

48V Mild Hybrid
-Integrated Converters / BMS Boards
-BMA (Battery Module Assembly) with built-in cooling fan
-High-voltage starter generator (HSG)
-Lightweight and thin power relay assembly (PRA)

FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle)
-MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly)



-AVN (Audio, Video, Navigation)
-Display Audio (D-Audio)

Central Information Display (CID)
-Flat displays (7", 8.4",10.25",12.3")
-Curved displays (7", 8.4",10.25",12.3") 

-Full digital clusters
-Digital clusters 

HUD (Head-up displays)
-Windshield HUD
-Combiner HUD

Sound System
-KRELL Premium Sound Systems (24Ch12Ch)
-Mainstream Sound Systems (8Ch 4Ch)


-I-MEB (Integrated MOBIS Electronic Brake)
-MEB (MOBIS Electronic Brake)
-EPB (Electric Parking Brake)



EPS (Electric Power Steering)
-Rack assist electric power steering (R-EPS)
-Pinion assist electric power steering (P-EPS)
-Column assist electric power steering (C-EPS)

Advanced System
-RWS (Rear Wheel Steering)
-SBW (Steer by Wire)



Head Lamps
-Low-Cost LED Modules
-Slim Projection Modules
-Bi-Matrix ADB Modules
-Digital Micro-mirror Device (DMD) Headlamps

Rear Lamps
-3D Lit Image Rear Lamps
-Slim Projection Modules
-Homogeneous Rear Lamps 

Small Lamps
-Slim Homogeneous CHMSL 

Lamp Electronics
-Sequential Turn Signals



Airbag Module
-DAB (Driver Airbags)
-KAB (Knee Airbags)
-PAB (Passenger Airbags)
-CAB (Curtain Airbags)
-SAB (Side Airbags)
-CSAB (Center Side Airbags)
-Panoramic Sunroof Airbags 

Airbag Electronics
-ACU (Airbag Control Units)
-FIS (Front Impact Sensors)
-SIS (Side Impact Sensors)
-PSIS (Pressure Side Impact Sensors)
-ODS (Occupant Detection Systems)
-PSB ECU (Pre-safety Seat Belt ECU)



Jul. 1977 The Company established Hyundai Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1989 The Company went public (listed in Korea Stock Exchange)
Mar. 1990 The Company formed an alliance with Mitsubishi Motor Corporation, entering into the four-wheel-drive vehicle market.
Sep. 1991 The Company and Hyundai Motor Corporation jointly set up a production facility to manufacture transmissions for the Galloper.
Dec. 1995 The Company established a manufacturing facility to produce the Hyundai Santamo.
May 1999 The Company announced plan to enter into car module parts business
Jun. 1999 The Company obtained QS9000 certification for car wheels.
Jul. 1999 The Company transferred its four-wheel-drive-vehicle division to Hyundai Motor Corporation.
Oct. 1999 Technical cooperation with Bosch, Breed for air bag and ABSs
Oct. 1999 The Company started manufacturing car module parts
Feb. 2000 Hyundai Motor transferred its automotive replacement parts division to the Company.
Oct. 2000 The Company adopted a new corporate name, Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2000 The Company acquired Kasco's cockpit module production facility in Cheonan.
Dec. 2000 Kia Motors Corporation transferred its automotive aftermarket business to the Company.
Mar. 2001 The Company and TIP of the U.S.A. signed a technological partnership agreement dealing with in-floor panel technology.
Apr. 2001 The Company and ZF, headquartered in Germany, concluded a technical agreement in the area of chassis modules.
Aug. 2001 The Company formed a technological tie-up with Alpine on electronic information components
Oct. 2001 The Company formed a technological tie-up with Textron on driver seat modules
Nov. 2001 The Company formed a technological tie-up with Bosch on electronic braking devices
May 2002 The Company worked in collaboration with Siemens to co-develop automotive electrical modules
Jul. 2002 The Company acquired the chassis module plant of Mando Corporation
Oct. 2002 The Company obtained International Quality Certification ISO/TS 16949:2002 for airbag module systems
Dec. 2002 The Company completed Jiangsu Mobis module factory in China
Mar. 2003 The Company established Beijing Mobis Transmission Co., Ltd. (BMTC) in China
Apr. 2003 The Company opened the Shanghai R&D Center
Oct. 2003 The Company completed the construction of Beijing Mobis Module Factory
Dec. 2003 The Company completed ABS production plant in Cheonan, Korea
Jan. 2004 The Company completed Seosan plant in Korea
Apr. 2004 The Company completed the construction of the transmission factory in Beijing, China
Jul. 2004 The Company completed its Asan plant, Korea
Aug. 2004 The Company entered an agreement with DaimlerChrysler on supplying rolling chassis modules
May 2005 Completed the construction of a module factory in Alabama, USA
Jul. 2005 The Company established Wuxi Mobis Automotive Autoparts Co. Ltd. in Wuxi, China.
Dec. 2005 The Company established winter road test driving courses in Sweden.
Aug. 2006 The Company established a module production facility in Ohio, U.S.A.
Dec. 2006 The Company set up a module production facility in India.
Dec. 2006 The Company set up a module production facility in Slovakia.
Jan. 2007 The Company established Mobis Automotive Czech s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.
Feb. 2007 The Company sold the entire 40.0 percent shareholding it had held in EcoPlastic of Korea.
Feb. 2007 The Company absorbed KASCO, its automotive brake production subsidiary in Korea.
Jun. 2007 The Company acquired 100 percent of the equity in IHL, a supplier of automotive lamps in Korea.
Jun. 2007 The Company sold its propeller shaft business to KPS, which is headquartered in Korea.
Jul. 2007 The Company established Mobis Georgia, LLC of the U.S.A.
Mar. 2008 The Company established Mobis Module CIS in Russia.
Nov. 2008 The Company acquired hybrid vehicle components business from Hyundai Rotem.
Jan. 2009 Mobis Alabama LLC absorbed Mobis Alabama Instrument Panel, LLC.
Mar. 2009 A new lamp plant in Gimcheon started mass production.
Apr. 2009 The Company and Samsung LED signed a contract to develop jointly LED headlamps and modules.
Jun. 2009 The Company absorbed Hyundai Autonet co., Ltd.
Jun. 2009 The Company signed a strategic partnership with Continental Automotive of Germany.
Sep. 2009 The Company set up a module production facility in Czech Republic.
Jan. 2010 The Company established HL Green Power Co. as a joint venture with LG Chem Ltd.
Mar. 2010 The Company set up a module production facility in Georgia, U.S.A.
Feb. 2012 The Company established Mobis Automotive and Module Industry Trade Co - Joint Stock Company in Turkey.
Nov. 2012 The Company completed a module production plant in Brazil.
Dec. 2012 The Company completed a CBS (conventional brake system) plant in Slovakia. 
Mar. 2013 The Company completed Chungju Plant and started production.
May. 2013 The Company established Mobis Parts Miami, LLC in the U.S.
Jul. 2014 The Company established Mobis Parts Canada Corporation in Canada.
Sep. 2014 The Company established Mobis Manufacturing de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. (currently called Hyundai Mobis Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.) in Mexico.
Jan. 2015 The Company established Mobis Automotive System Czech s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.
Mar. 2015 The Company established Cangzhou Hyundai Mobis Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd. in Cangzhou, China.
Jun. 2015

The Company established Chongqing Hyundai Mobis Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. in Chongqing, China.

Jul. 2015 The Company absorbed Mobis Parts de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. in Mexico.
Oct. 2016 The Company completed construction of new module plant in Cangzhou, China.
Dec. 2017 Established a production plant in India, Mobis India Module Private Limited
Nov. 2018 The Company established Mobis Hungary Kft. in Hungary.
Jan. 2020 The Company established Mobis US Alabama, LLC.
Dec. 2020 The Company acquired semiconductor division of Hyundai Autoever Corp.
May 2021 Acquired HL Green Power Co.

Supplemental Information 1

The Hyundai Motor Group's Ratio of Shareholding

(As of Dec. 31, 2021)

Hyundai Motor Group Correlation Chart

The Hyundai Motor Group's Ratio of Shareholding in Automotive Companies

(As of Dec. 31, 2021)

Name of group company


Company in which the company holds shares


Hyundai Kefico

Hyundai Motor - 33.88% - 41.13% 25.35% 100.00%
Kia Corporation - - 17.24% 40.43% 13.44% -
Hyundai Mobis 21.43% - - 15.74% - -
Hyundai WIA - - - 1.88% - -
Hyundai Steel - - 5.82% - - -
Hyundai GLOVIS - - 0.69% - - -

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