Brose Fahrzeugteile SE & Co. KG, Coburg

Company Profile



Max-Brose-Strasse 1, 96450, Coburg, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturer of systems for vehicle doors, window regulators, liftgates, seat structures, cooling modules, as well as electric motors and drives.

-The Company is one of the five largest family-owned automotive suppliers in the world. It provides components to approximately 80 automobile brands and more than 40 automotive suppliers.

-The Company is organized into three business divisions:

  • Exterior business division (formerly Doors)
  • Interior business division (formerly Seat Structures)
  • Drives business division


-The Company is family owned.


Vehicle doors and liftgates
Door systems
-Door systems with frames
-Door systems with plastic functional carriers
-Door systems with steel functional carriers
-Door systems with aluminum functional carriers and magnesium frames
-Door systems with flush glass
-Door systems made of glass fabric-reinforced polypropylene
-Door systems made of glass fiber mat-reinforced plastic
-Door systems made of long glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene
-Compact module
-Door control circuit

Window regulators
-Cable window regulators
-Compact window regulators
-Cross arm window regulators
-Track-guided window regulators
-Window regulator motors 
-Double-guided window regulators
-Window regulator drives with integrated electronics
-Window regulators with sealing function module

Closure systems
-Latch modules
-Unilatch lightweight compact side door latch
-Unilatch II side door closure systems
-Liftgate latches
-Latches with flex-pole actuators
-Premium side door closure systems with Flex-Pole actuator

Systems for liftgates
-Spindle drives 
-Variostop continuously variable door check
-Switch for liftgates 
-Power quarter windows 
-Power liftgate systems
-Power liftgate drives
-Decklid tension spring drives
-Capacitive sensors for hands-free opening and closing
-Liftgate latches with power cinching units

-Window regulator electronics
-Window regulator drives
-Door control units
-Control unit for liftgates
-Power operated tailgates
-Power cinching units with integrated electronics
-Trunk cable drives
-Side door drives

Front and rear seat systems
Seat structures
-Modular lightweight front seat structures
-Power front seat structures
-Manual front seat structures
-Seat adjusters
-Backframe structures
-Power rear seat structures
-Manual rear seat structures
-Belt integrated seat

Seat components
-Length adjusters
-Manual height adjusters
-Power tilt adjusters
-Backframe tilt adjusters
-4-way power lumbar adjusters
-Upper backframe adjusters
-Headrest modules
-Pinion height adjusters
-Seat control units
-Brushless DC motor with integrated electronics

-Seat control units
-Control-unit lumbar adjusters
-Sensor-controlled headrests
-Electronics for massage functions
-Seat motors

Electric drives
Systems for transmission applications and engine cooling
-Cooling fan modules
-Fan drives
-Drives for transmission applications
-Cooling air supply controls
-Drives for cooling fluid pumps
-Coolant pumps

-Electric oil pumps
-Auxiliary oil pump drives
-Pump and shift actuators

Comfort functions
-HVAC blowers
-Steering-column adjusters
-Display screen adjusters
-Drive-unit for window regulators
-Sunroof motors
-Electric air conditioning compressors

Driving safety
-Electric power steering motors
-Electronic braking systems
-Parking brake motors
-Electric seatbelt retractors
-Direct actuators for parking brake
-Rear-axle steering drives

-Integrated electronics to control brushless cooling fan motors
-Integrated electronics to control brushless HVAC blowers
-Integrated electronics to control brushed cooling fan motors

Electric mobility
-Separately excited synchronous motors
-Asynchronous motors
-Permanent magnet with excited synchronous motors
-Wireless energy transmission

e-Bike systems
-Aluminum platform e-bike drives
-Magnesium platform e-bike drives
-e-bike displays
-Brose Battery 630
-48 V drive systems


Jun. 1919 Max Brose & Co. was founded by Max Brose and the chemist Ernst Juhling.
1956 Ernst Juhling retired from being a partner. The Company carried on under sole proprietorship from 1957 onwards.
Apr. 1968 Max Brose died. His daughter Gisela Brose takes over the management of the company.
1969 The Company takes on the legal form of a KG.
Oct. 1971 Michael Stoschek, grandson of the founder, became the CEO.
1982 The Company was renamed Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft
1996 The Company established a joint venture with Zhangjiagang Xingang Electronics Co., Ltd. in China. The Company invested DM 15 million in its 60% stake and agreements were made to supply VW and Audi in China as well as FAW Red Flag.
1997 A just-in-time facility for the production of door modules for VW opened in Puebla, Mexico.
A just-in-time facility for the production of door modules opened in Meerane, Germany, supplying the nearby Volkswagen plant.
1999 Production of window regulators and door modules began in Curitiba, Brazil, on a just-in-time basis for the VW Golf and Passat models.
Jul. 1999 A joint venture in door modules was agreed in Brits, South Africa, under the name of RG Brose Automotive Components (Pty) Ltd. Production began in August 1999.
2000 The Company agreed a licensing contract for the production of window regulators for the Opel Zafira with the Thai Company Summit Laemchagang Auto Body Work (Bangkok). The Company supplies all of the window regulators for the Opel Zafira model, which began production in early 1999.
Jan. 2000 Production of window regulators for the new C-Class DaimlerChrysler model began at the Meerane site.
Apr. 2000 The Company announced plans to cooperate with Siemens. Siemens will give the Company support in the construction of the EUR 31 million pilot electronic project at the Hallstadt door systems plant and will supply Brose with electric motors and systems. The number of employees is set to increase to 1,100 by the year 2003, from its current level of 780.
May 2000 The Company opened its first Chinese door module plant in Anting, Shanghai, under the management of Shanghai Brose Automotive Components Co., Ltd. (China). This 50-50 joint-venture was formed in April 1999. The Anting plant is initially producing door systems for the VW Passat model and expects to manufacture 400,000 door systems each year.
Jul. 2000 Foundation of Brose Bratislava (Slovakia)
Mar. 2002 Shiroki Brose Corporation starts operations in Japan
Sep. 2003 Start of production in the door system plant in Ghent/Belgium
Oct. 2003 Start of construction of the Brose Group's first Canadian production site in London/Ontario
Feb. 2004 Foundation of Brose Sweden AB
Jul. 2004 Start of production in the door system plant in Chicago/USA
Sep. 2004 Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to set up the first own Chinese plant in Changchun
Sep. 2005 Brose extended its product range to include power closure systems for side-doors and liftgates. Debut in IAA 2005.
Dec. 2005 The Company acquired a 40 percent stake in Pressan A.S. (Turkish window regulator manufacturer.)
Jan. 2006 Jurgen Otto is appointed CEO, the first non-family oriented management.
At Torslanda, the Company starts operations at its just-in-sequence plant, producing door systems.
Jun. 2006 The Company starts operations at its just-in-sequence plant in Holzgerlingen/Weil im Schonbuch.
Oct. 2006 The Company is expanding its product portfolio in seat adjusters through the launch of the seat-belt-carrier, which celebrates its premiere in the new BMW 3 series coupe.
Jan. 2007 Three awards for excellent performance with regard to quality, supply reliability and competitiveness are presented by Lear Corporation to the plant in Changchun.
Mar. 2007 Brose Ltd, Coventry, is awarded the Body & Exteriors Prize by Jaguar/Land Rover.
Apr. 2007 The plants of Saarwellingen, Tondela, Portugal and Sta. Margarida, Spain receive the "World Excellence Award" from Ford.
Apr. 2008 The Company acquired Continental AG's electric motor operations on April 1st.
Aug. 2008 Brose Group and Korea-based Daeki Corporation set up a joint venture under the name of Daeki Brose Corporation, headquartered in Suwon, South Korea.
Nov. 2009 Formed joint venture with Shanghai SIIC Transportation Electric Company Ltd. in Shanghai, China to manufacture window regulators, seat systems and door systems.
Dec. 2009 Formed joint venture with Delloyd Electronics in Thailand to manufacture window regulators and door systems.
Feb. 2011 Formed joint venture with Mando Corporation called Mando-Brose Corporation and enters South Korean market with the production of electric motors.
Oct. 2012

The Company opened its seventh Chinese production facility in Daxing, Beijing.

Oct. 2014

The Company opened its new production facility in New Boston (USA).

May 2014

The Company opened its new door systems plant in Bremen, Germany.

Nov. 2014

The Company opened its first Italian production plant in Melfi.

Aug. 2016

The Company launched new production facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Apr. 2017

The Company opened a new headquarters with an adjacent plant in Shanghai/China.

Dec. 2018

The Company opened a new plant in Taicang, China. It will be one of the mechatronics specialists’ lead plants, in which state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are applied.

Feb. 2020

The Company opened its facilities in Hinjewadi, Pune.

Jan. 2022

Brose Group and Volkswagen set up a joint venture under the name of Brose Sitech, headquartered in Polkowice, Poland to supplier of seating systems and interior solutions.

Oct. 2023

Brose Sitech (Anhui) Automotive System Co., Ltd. started operation of its Anhui Plant. This is the second Brose Sitech site in China.

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