Archives of Past Exhibits: Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Product lineup of Brose

Door system

Door system

Door system

Door system

Trunk opener


Steering column motor

Seat structure

Seat structure

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013

Power front seat structure

Massage module

Cooling fan module

Electric power steering motor

Brushless drives for engine cooling

Front grille

Installed vehicle: Great Wall "Haval"

Door closure

Latch benchmark

Back door latch

Liftgate latch

Connecting actuators

Back door latch



Latch benchmark

Power cinching module

Door systems

Door systems

Door systems

Window regulators

Highly-integrated lightweight door systems

HVAC & Electric coolant pump

Drives for electric vacuum pumps & electric power steering motors

Electronic braking system motor

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Motor for automatic manual transmission -Brushed motor for clutch / gearshift / gearselect

Motor for automatic manual transmission -Brushless motor for oil pump / actuator

Window regulator made of compact resin

2 way power lumbar (First generation)

Installed vehicle: Toyota "Camry", "Land Cruiser Prado"

2 and 4 way power lumbar (Second generation)

For PSA Peugeot Citroen, Volkswagen

Motor adjuster

Power tilt adjuster - Light version

Power height adjuster (spindle type)

Power height adjuster (pinion type)

Continuous recliner

Discontinuous recliner

Power recliner adjuster

Manual height adjuster (Fourth generation)

Manual length adjuster

Power length adjuster

Power head rest adjuster (Second generation)

Power seat structure

Manual seat structure

New rear seat structure

Light weight structure

Delhi Auto Expo 2012

Manual Comfort Seat

Rear seat structure

Latch module

Compact window regulator and Modular side door latch

Window regulator with Electronic(for Indian Market)

Plastic Door System with Integrated Double Guided Window Regulator

2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Product lineups

System for controlling the supply of cooling air

Highly integrated door system

Organic Fiber Door Panel

Permanent magnet excited synchronous motor

Asynchronous motor with differential gear

China International Auto Products Expo 2010

Shanghai Brose Automotive Components Co., Ltd. Cooling fan

Shanghai Brose Automotive Components Co., Ltd. Inner door module