Benteler Group (Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH)

Company Profile



Schillerstraße 25-27 5020 Salzburg Austria

Business Overview

-Benteler Group is an Austria-based manufacturer of automotive metal components/systems and general purpose steel tubing.

-The company operates in the following two divisions:

Business Unit Overview Main Group Companies
Automotive -Development, manufacturing and sales of chassis & modules, body structure components, engines and exhaust systems, battery storage systems, etc.
-Sales of the Automotive business unit account for about 82.9% of the total sales of the company (2023).
-Benteler International AG
-Benteler Business Services GmbH
-Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH
-Benteler Steel/Tube GmbH
-HOLON GmbH(*)
-Benteler Mechanical Engineering
-Benteler Glass Processing
Steel/Tube -Develops, manufactures, and sells piping for automobiles, industrial equipment, and power plants.
-Sales of the Steel/Tube business unit account for about 17.1% of total sales of the company (2023).

(*) Formerly Benteler EV Systems GmbH, its main business is the development and manufacture of autonomous vehicles and platforms.

-Using hot and cold forging, metal joining, and assembly and fabrication technologies, the company develops chassis components/modules, body structure parts, engine/exhaust parts, and piping components for the automotive industry.



-In 2023, The Company created four divisions: Automotive Components, Automotive Modules, Steel/Tube, and HOLON. These divisions continue to be supported by its Global Business Functions & Services, which are bundled in BENTELER International AG and BENTELER Business Services.

-This new organizational structure began implementation on January 1, 2024, and is being implemented progressively globally.


-The Company is family owned. Half of the Company’s common stock is held by Hubertus Benteler Ges.m.b.H, while the other half is held by Dr. Ing. E.h. Helmut Benteler GmbH.


Chassis & Modules
-Cross members
-Control arms and knuckles
-Anti-roll bars
-Engine mounting cross members
-Twist beam rear axles
-Complete axle modules
-Front suspension modules 
-Rear suspension modules
-Steel front suspension systems
-Steel rear suspension systems
-eChassis modules
-Corner modules
-Powertrain modules
-Electric axles modules

-Carrier under structures
-Door beams
-Roof rail reinforcements
-Windowsill reinforcements
-Rear bumpers
-B-Pillar reinforcements
-Rocker panel reinforcements
-A-Pillar reinforcements
-Side member reinforcements
-Cockpit crossmembers
-Roof frames
-Front bumpers
-Instrument panel supports
-Front floor tunnels
-Mounting plate front walls
-Crash management systems
-Carrier system
-Battery storage systems
-Battery trays

Engine and Exhaust System
-Exhaust gas recirculation systems
-Fuel distribution systems
-Cooling water circulation systems
-Aftertreatment systems
-Air gap insulated turbine housings
-Fuel filler pipes
-Exhaust manifolds
-Catalytic converter housing
-Gasoline particulate filters
-Fiber mat insulated diesel manifolds
-Fuel rail assemblies
-Diesel particulate filters
-Hydroformed tubes
-Clean-welded joints
-Electrically heated catalytic converter
-Battery cooling plate
-Battery strut
-Dual-wall exhaust manifolds

-Tubing for various vehicle applications
-Prop shafts
-Stabilizer bars
-Airbag inflators
-Drive shafts
-Axle solutions
-Belt tensioners
-Rotor shafts
-CliMore CO2-reduced steels and steel tubes
-Gas springs

HOLON Mover, fully electric and autonomous vehicle


1876 Opened by Carl Benteler as his ironmonger's shop.
1922 Benteler AG founded.
1931 Made its first supplies to the automotive industry.
1952 Produced the "Champion" small car.
1958 Founded the first continuous casting plant in the world.
1974 Founded new steelworks in Lingen Ems.
1980 Founded first production facility in the USA.
1987 Opened a plant in Spain.
1993/94 Opened new Benteler Automotive plants in Mexico and Portugal.
1996/97 Opened other plants in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil and Italy.
1999 Forming Holding Company with four separate business sectors.
2001 Signed an agreement with NedCar for the acquisition of 100% of NedCar's share in its subsidiary PD & E Automotive B.V, located in Helmond, the Netherlands.
2010 Acquired Norsk Hydro's Automotive Structures business.
2012 Acquired Farsund Aluminium Casting AS (FAC) in Norway.
2014 Closed facilities in Brampton, Canada; Opelika, U.S.; and Grand Rapids, U.S. Also sold facilities in Tigre, Argentina; Melfi, Italy; and St. Ursanne, Switzerland.
Sep. 2014 Acquired two branches from insolvency assets of Wilco Wilken Laser GmbH & Co. KG, a laser cutting company.
Jul. 2015 Formed a joint venture with Changan Automobile called Benteler JianAn Automotive Co. Ltd.
Jul. 2017 Opened a new plant in Brazil.
Mar. 2018 Divested Farsund lightweight aluminum low pressure automotive casting business to Chassix Inc.
Apr. 2018 Opened a new plant in Czech Republic.
Aug. 2019 Announced divestiture of Distribution Division to Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group, which was scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.
2023 Opened a new plant in Bratislava, Slovakia.


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