Trends in Onboard LiDAR Technology

Patent applications by Denso, Toyota, and Ricoh



  This report created by MarkLines focuses on a number of recent technical topics surrounding the automotive industry and is based on patent information from the “Technology Information Distribution Service - swimy” obtained by the Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC). The two business areas of TTDC are in the fields of intellectual property and measurement control solutions. The intellectual property (IP) side of TTDC is involved in the collection and analysis of information on automotive technology developments globally, and provides services such as consulting for research planning, applying for patents in foreign languages, and technical translation.

  In recent years, LiDAR technology, which measures the distance to surrounding objects by irradiating laser beams, has been attracting attention. Especially in the field of autonomous driving, it is attracting attention as a technology for accurately measuring the distance to surrounding vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles, and to prevent collisions, and is being developed in the automotive industry. This report describes the trend of patent applications filed by companies in Japan for distance measurement and detection technology using LiDAR for vehicles (patent classification: G01S17/93).

  The number of patent applications related to onboard LiDAR technology in Japan increased every year from 2010 to 2017. Although the number decreased in 2018, more than 200 applications were filed. Looking at the number of applications filed by each company, the number of applications is highest in the order of Denso, Toyota, Ricoh, Pioneer, and Koito Manufacturing. An analysis of the applicants of the top three companies in terms of the number of applications, using the "Technology Talent Search Service - StellaSearch" provided by TTDC (see “What is StellaSearch?” in the text below), shows that the inventors with the highest scores in both Ideas and Networks are Mr. Akira Sakai at Denso Corporation, Mr. Yasuhiro Hara at Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mr. Shuichi Suzuki at Ricoh Company, Ltd.



Source: Technical information distribution service - swimy URL:
This source (TTDC) has extensive content related to automobiles. Graphs can be created for contents of interest with a single click. The database also supports the detailed display and download of intellectual property related information.

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