Technological trends related to anti-reflective window glass

Patent applications for sun visors, light control film, and blinds technology



  This report created by MarkLines focuses on a number of recent technical topics surrounding the automotive industry and is based on patent information from the “Technology Information Distribution Service - swimy” obtained by the Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC). The two business areas of TTDC are in the fields of intellectual property and measurement control solutions. The intellectual property (IP) side of TTDC is involved in the collection and analysis of information on automotive technology developments globally, and provides services such as consulting for research planning, applying for patents in foreign languages, and technical translation.

  With the spread of autonomous driving technology, the way people spend their time in their cars on the move is expected to change significantly. Therefore, there is a need for a cabin interior environment that meets a variety of needs. The following is a summary of the technologies and developments by various manufacturers of anti-reflective (AR) window glass technologies, such as shading with equipment and the control of light on the glass surface, to adjust the amount of light in the cabin and to improve the appearance of the interior of the vehicle.

  In terms of window glass anti-reflective technology, the number of patent applications are highest in the order of BOS, Saint-Gobain and DNP, and the number of patent applications for "sun visors," "light control film"*, and "blinds" technology is high. BOS Automotive Products, Inc. has a large number of patent applications related to "blind" technology, and Saint-Gobain Corporation and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) have a large number of patent applications related to "light control film" technology. The number of patent applications filed for "sun visor" and "blind" technology is trending downwards, while the number of patent applications for "light control film" technology is on an upward trend.

  *Note: The term "light control film" includes not only thin films that are applied but also functional members in the form of layers.


Source: Technical information distribution service - swimy URL:
This source (TTDC) has extensive content related to automobiles. Graphs can be created for contents of interest with a single click. The database also supports the detailed display and download of intellectual property related information.

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