Stellantis (1): Launching 75 BEV Models by 2030, Aiming for 100% BEV Sales in Europe

Building 6 gigafactories by 2027; battery raw material partnerships with 6 companies



The e-3008, Peugeot's all-new C-segment crossover electric SUV (Source: Peugeot)

  Stellantis's long-term plan, "Dare Forward 2030," announced in March 2022, calls for doubling sales while maintaining double-digit operating margins and accelerating decarbonization and electrification. The company aims to introduce more than 75 battery electric vehicle (BEV) models worldwide by 2030, and to achieve global sales of 5 million BEVs. The sales proportion of BEVs will be 100% in Europe and 50% in the U.S. In addition, Stellantis has a goal to achieve net zero carbon by 2038.

  The Stellantis brands are rushing to launch BEV models. There were 25 BEV models on the market in mid-2023, but this number is expected to increase to 48 by the end of 2024. Plants in each region are installing new equipment and refurbishing lines to enable EV production.

  For EV batteries, the company plans to build six gigafactories in partnership with three battery manufacturers: Automotive Cells Company (ACC), LG Energy Solution, and Samsung SDI. With regard to battery raw materials, the company emphasizes vertical integration and will secure supply through individual contracts with raw material companies.

  This is the first part of a report on Stellantis' strategy and recent developments, covering progress on its long-term plan, electrification strategy, autonomous driving technology, and mobility services. The second part of the report will cover recent sales and performance, developments in major markets, and labor negotiations that have recently reached an agreement, as well as GlobalData's production forecast.


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