Auto Summit 2023: Electrification and Digitalization in Germany

5G connectivity, software solutions, fast charging, e-commerce



  Auto Summit is a new annual trade fair and conference dedicated to digitalization and innovation in the automotive industry organized by Auto Summit GmbH, established in 2021, based in Hamburg, Germany. The event is a new forum for leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers and industry players to meet with digital innovators and discuss the future of the industry.

  The 2023 event took place for two days from May 3rd to 4th at the Arena, a multi-function sports facility in the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg, Germany with a total of 40 conferences and 36 exhibitors, including start-ups, on the Main Stage and Master Class venues. In between conferences, there was also an awards ceremony for the Speaker Awards, which were chosen by digital voting by the participants. The 2024 event will be held in Hamburg from May 15-16, 2024.

Auto Summit event logo Auto Summit 2023 venue
Auto Summit event logo Auto Summit 2023 venue

(Source: Auto Summit, Organizer: © Auto Summit / Velvet Ventures)


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