ZF: "Enerlity" General-purpose Platform Concept for Commercial EVs

Aiming to build a Mobility and Energy ecosystem together with Itochu and PowerX



Direct Electrified Wheel
“Enerlity” platform

  On May 16, 2023, at an event titled "Energy meets Mobility", ZF Japan Co., Ltd. (ZF Japan) announced the concept of a general-purpose commercial EV platform together with Itochu Corporation (Itochu) and PowerX, Inc. (PowerX).

  Combining the words "Energy" and "Mobility," this platform, called "Enerlity," is, as the name suggests, an ecosystem concept that focuses on both "mobility" as a means of transportation and "energy" as the source of its power.

  The general-purpose EV (electric vehicle) platform Enerlity utilizes ZF's rolling chassis and the vehicle control software of Cubix Global Inc. (Cubix). In addition, three 35kWh lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries are installed. Itochu will lead the way in building a recycling ecosystem for the batteries that will be equipped with the platform, and after use, they will be reused as storage batteries. Mapping such energy flows among the partners aims to contribute to decarbonization.

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