The global market for motorcycles: India, China and ASEAN countries

Demand declines and production stagnates in 2020, introduction of electric vehicles is progressing



  This report summarizes the worldwide production and sales of motorcycles (motorcycles, scooters, etc.), and provides an overview of the major motorcycle producing countries including India, China, and ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  The total number of motorcycles produced in the world's major countries in 2020 is estimated to be at the level of 49 million units (estimated from statistics for each country). Global demand for motorcycles in 2020 fell 16.6% year-over-year (y/y) to 44.5 million units (source: Yamaha). Asia was down 20.6% to 33.89 million units, accounting for about 80% of total demand.

  India's production of motorcycles in FY2020 (April 2020-March 2021) fell 12.8% y/y to 18.35 million units, and sales fell a sharp 13.2% to 15.12 million units. In response to the spread of COVID-19, plant operations in many Asian countries have been suspended, resulting in stagnant motorcycle production and sluggish sales. On the other hand, movements regarding the introduction of electric motorcycles to the markets are becoming more active, and emerging EV manufacturers are popping up in many countries.

主要5カ国の二輪車販売台数 主要5カ国の二輪車生産台数
Motorcycle production volumes of 5 major countries Motorcycle sales volumes of 5 major countries

(Source: Created by MarkLines based on statistical data from the automobile and motorcycle associations of each nation)

For data on monthly volumes of motorcycles, please refer to the information below.

India’s motorcycle production volume
Thailand’s motorcycle registration volume

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