Auto Shanghai 2021: BAIC, Changan, GAC, Chery

BAIC model co-developed with Huawei, GAC Trumpchi and Hycan brand new models, Chery concept models



Chery's exhibition booth

  Auto Shanghai 2021, the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai on April 19, 2021. April 19 and 20 were press days, April 21 through 23 were for members of the industry, and April 24 until 28 were the days when the Show was open to the public. This report introduces the exhibits of BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd. Group (BAIC Group), China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (Changan Automobile), Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC Group), and Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (Chery), focusing on NEV (new energy vehicle) models as well as some gasoline models.

  BAIC Group exhibited new products it has developed independently under brand names including Arcfox and Beijing. The Arcfox brand co-developed the “αS Huawei HI” with Huawei. The Beijing brand presented its technology roadmap and product plan and started taking pre-orders for the EU5 PLUS and U5 PLUS. Changan Automobile officially announced its business plan and "2030 Vision" in its 14th Five-Year Plan. The company’s latest model, the second generation CS55 PLUS, was also unveiled. Oshan, a Changan Automobile subsidiary, also held the world premiere of the X7 PLUS. The GAC Group exhibited vehicles from its own brands, including Trumpchi, Aion, and Hycan, proposing a new experience of green and low-carbon mobility. Chery Automobile exhibited two concept car models, the "AnteeX" and the "AnteeZ", as well as HVs from Chery New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. (Chery New Energy), which produces NEV models mainly under the Chery brand. The company also announced a drive-by-wire system.


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