Auto Shanghai 2021: China's Emerging EV Automakers

NIO, Xpeng, WM Motor, Hozon Auto, Leapmotor, Evergrande New Energy Auto, Human Horizons



NIO's exhibition booth

  On April 19, 2021, the Shanghai Motor Show (the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition) opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The lineup of NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) exhibited at this year's motor show was the largest ever, and the emerging Chinese EV manufacturers that have been attracting the most attention recently showed off their latest models one after another.

  This report mainly focuses on China's emerging EV automakers NIO, Xpeng Motors, WM Motor, Hozon Auto, Leapmotor, Evergrande New Energy, and Human Horizons, including the NEVs they exhibited such as the NIO ET7, Xpeng P5, WM W6, Neta S, Leapmotor C11, HiPhi X and Hengchi brand vehicles.


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