Subaru's new-generation EyeSight: 3D HD maps and hands-off in traffic jams

Newly equipped with a stereo camera with a wider viewing angle and frontal radar



The new Levorg, equipped with the new generation EyeSight for the first time (prototype displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019)

  At the Automotive World Seminar 2021 held in January 2021, Mr. Eiji Shibata, General Manager of the Automatic Driving PGM (Project General Manager) Department and General Manager of the Advanced Safety Design Department, Subaru Corporation's Engineering Division 1, gave a presentation entitled the "Introduction of Subaru's Advanced Driver Assistance System - New Generation EyeSight.” This report focuses on the content of the seminar presentation and provides an overview of the new generation EyeSight.

  Subaru has equipped the new Levorg, launched in Japan in October 2020, with the new generation EyeSight system. In the new-generation EyeSight, the viewing angle of the stereo camera has been approximately doubled, and the forward sides are newly equipped with Subaru's first "forward-side pre-collision braking" system, as well as "pre-collision braking with active steering assist," a function to avoid collision through steering control.

  In addition, to support collision avoidance at intersections where accidents are more frequent, the pre-collision brake area has been expanded to improve collision avoidance for vehicles and pedestrians when the vehicle is turning right or left.

  The EX version of the new Levorg is available with EyeSight X, a new generation EyeSight with an advanced driver-assistance system for freeways. It has a two-storied structure, so to speak, with EyeSight X placed on top of the conventional EyeSight system. It is equipped with a 3D high-definition (HD) map unit and new electric power steering. The system provides hands-off and lane change assist (active lane change assist) when driving in traffic (0-50km/h), as well as a system to respond in the event of a driver emergency.

  Subaru plans to further enhance its preventive safety features by the late 2020s. In addition to the further evolution of driver assistance technologies, Subaru will enhance the system’s response to general road accident scenarios by improving recognition and discrimination capabilities and expanding integrated control. It will also promote collaboration with Infrastructure Connected and introduce automated driving systems such as autonomous parking and automated valet parking. It will also integrate stereo cameras and AI to improve safety on all roads.

  The new-generation EyeSight does not meet the SAE standard of Level 3 autonomous driving, but rather is designed to improve safety as much as possible within the scope of Level 2 capability.

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