Honda: All-new Fit Hybrid Motor Technology

2-Motor system in a compact car: JSAE Fall Conference presentation



Honda’s all-new compact car FIT (Source: Honda)

  The all-new Fit hybrid launched by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) in February 2020 is equipped with the e:HEV 2-motor system; the vehicle uses the electric motors for most everyday driving scenarios.

  This report is based on the presentation at the 2020 JSAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) Congress (Autumn) of the technical paper by Mr. Keisuke Azusawa and others (Honda R&D Co., Ltd.), “Development of Low Loss Motor for Small Hybrid System” (Vol. No. 20206063), which introduces the new technology of the motors installed in the electric drive powertrain.

  The all-new Fit adopts a polyimide material for the insulation coating of the motor windings to install the 2-motor hybrid system in a compact car which was previously used in mid-size cars. Motor losses have been reduced 14% and the system size has been reduced due to such improvements as the high torque characteristics of the magnetic circuit, the caulkless core, the change in direction of the magnet segments, and the current control system.


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