NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) Overview and Trends (1)

Outline and characteristics of comprehensive evaluation systems for major global NCAPs



 The New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) is implemented in the U.S. (US NCAP, IIHS), Europe (Euro NCAP), Japan (JNCAP), Australia (ANCAP), Korea (KNCAP), China (CNCAP), South America (Latin NCAP), and the ASEAN region (ASEAN NCAP). Because there are differences in impact test modes, speeds, and mannequin settings in each program, the number of vehicles that automakers must test for all NCAPs is rapidly increasing.

 Additionally, most automobiles today receive the highest NCAP rating, making differentiation among these vehicles more unclear, which was the purpose of providing information to consumers. To combat this, each NCAP has actively introduced new items, with Euro NCAP aggressively leading the pack. The status of each NCAP is listed in the chart below (items in red are recent changes).

Area/Country Program Frontal Collision Side Collision Rear Collision
Full-lap collision Offset collision MPDB collision * MDB collision * Pole collision Far Side collision
U.S. US NCAP 56km/h -   62km/h 32km/h   -
IIHS** - 64km/h   50km/h -   16km/h
Europe Euro NCAP 50km/h 64km/h → 50km/h x2 60km/h 32km/h ← Sled 24.5km/h
Japan JNCAP 55km/h 64km/h   55km/h -   20km/h
Australia ANCAP 50km/h 64km/h → 50km/h x2 60km/h 29km/h ← Sled 24.5km/h
Korea KNCAP 56km/h 64km/h   55km/h 32km/h   16km/h
China CNCAP 50km/h 64km/h   50km/h -   20km/h
Latin America Latin NCAP - 64km/h   50km/h 29km/h   -
ASEAN ASEAN NCAP - 64km/h   50km/h -   -

* MPDB (Moving Progressive Deformable Barrier) collision, MDB (Moving Deformable Barrier) collision
** In the U.S., safety assessments are conducted by the US NCAP as well as the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety American Road Safety Association). The IIHS implements two types of offset collisions, one at an offset of 40% and the other at an offset of 25%.
Source: Created from test evaluation criteria for both NCAP and IIHS


 This will be Part 1 of a series of reports covering NCAP and will provide commentary on the characteristics of each NCAP, their issues, and future trends as seen in Euro NCAP’s Roadmap 2025. Part 2 will provide details on NCAP testing methods, including new items, and will also compare each NCAP.


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