Auto Shanghai 2019:Emerging Chinese Automakers

NIO, Xpeng, Singulato, Hozon, Dorcen, Leapmotor, Aiways, and WM Motor exhibit new EVs




 This report focuses on the vehicles exhibited by a number of notable emrging Chinese automakers that participated in the Auto Shanghai 2019, including new EVs scheduled to go into production or be released to market in the near future as well as concept models.

 NIO exhibited the ET7 from its ET Preview sedan product line, the NIO Power service solution, and advanced technologies such as its 220 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system. The automaker also announced it would launch its One Click for Power valet charging service that uses WeChat Mini Apps.

 Xpeng exhibited its new second generation intelligent cars, the P7 EV coupe and the G3 EV SUV.

 Singulato debuted its compact intelligent iC3 concept, developed based on Toyota’s eQ and scheduled for production and release in early 2021. The OEM also simultaneously announced its “large-size vehicle+compact vehicle, automobile+motorcycle, passenger vehicle+commercial vehicle” strategy and the Singulato mobility ecology map.

 Dorcen, making its first appearance at an international motor show, exhibited NEVs and gasoline engine vehicles such as the G60S, E20, and G60E, as well as its G60S strategic SUV model. 

 Leapmotor exhibited the C-more, its first crossover SUV EV soon to begin production, the S01, its first production model, as well as the Razer Chroma concept.

AIWAYS displayed its 3 models, the U5, the Gumpert Nathalie, and the U7 ion, and announced its user strategy.

 WM Motor, which had formerly been a research and development firm for tertiary lithium batteries, exhibited the EX5 Pro EV SUV and the EX5 2.0 Version. Sales of the EX5 Pro began at the show, and the automaker also announced its EX6 Limited and Evolve concepts. 

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