NIO:Top Runner among China’s “Emerging Forces”

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  With the advent of the double credit policy to stimulate the popularization of electric vehicles in the Chinese automotive market and the gradual reduction of subsidies for new energy vehicles (NEV), many of the emerging EV automakers in China, once dubbed as “PPT (Powerpoint) car builders,” have started to launch products to market. Of these emerging industry forces, it can be said that NIO is outperforming the other emerging NEV automakers. In a situation where mass-produced smart electric cars have not yet become popular worldwide, NIO has attracted the attention of the global automotive industry and the market for the following reasons: its listing on the NASDAQ in the U.S., its being the first automaker to manufacture over 10,000 smart electric vehicles per year,  its acquisition of investment funding from a number of major IT companies, and its launch of innovative services and sales methods. Conversely, this momentum is plaguing startup companies with issues such as poor financial performance and a lack of production capacity. In this report, MarkLines outlines the history of NIO from its inception, and analyzes its strengths and the challenges it faces.


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