NVIDIA: The rapid evolution of Deep Learning and its applications

Autonomous driving, AI manufacturing, and the Brain of the AI City



NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

(All figures in this report are provided from NVIDIA)

 This report presents a summary of the lecture entitled “Deep Learning Opens the New Era of Robotics”, presented by Mr. Naoya Yamoto, Senior Account Manager of NVIDIA’s Industry Division. The lecture was given during the 11th Ota City Manufacturing Technology Exhibition and Business Meeting on July 6, 2018 at the Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO.

 NVIDIA was founded in 1993 and is involved in a diverse array of business areas such as gaming, artificial intelligence (AI), and autonomous driving. In the computer world, Microsoft launched Windows 95 in 1995, which was followed by mobile phones, advances in the popularization of cloud technology, and today we are experiencing the age of AI through deep learning technology.

 Around the year 2012, the development of neural network technology, the establishment of big data collection and analysis methods, as well as the performance improvements of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) developed by NVIDIA formed the 3 essential conditions to enable the dramatic growth of deep learning that continues to this day.
AI technology has evolved significantly through deep learning and is now used in a wide range of applications.

  In the area of autonomous driving, NVIDIA offers a computing platform (known as NVIDIA’s end-to-end platform) that covers the whole area of autonomous driving such as collection of driving data, training neural network models by deep learning, driving simulation, and driving operation.

  In addition to autonomous driving, AI has permeated into every area of all industrial sectors and has begun contributing to improvements in productivity. While various examples were introduced during the presentation, this report covers AI applications cited such as FANUC’s AI manufacturing, Musashi Seimitsu Industry’s AI visual inspection, Komatsu’s AI construction, and “The Brain of the AI City” presented by NVIDIA.



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