Future Direction of Automobile Safety Technology

2018 JSAE Annual Spring Congress - Forum session topic



One of the symposiums held during the 2018 JSAE Annual Spring Congress Forum on May 23, 2018 was entitled the “Future direction of automobile safety technology”. This symposium event was held to promote dialogue and awareness of various issues regarding the study of comprehensive measures required to improve the safety of automobiles and the transition from passive to active safety technologies with respect to the commercialization of automated vehicles.

The forum program is shown below, with this report introducing summaries of each lecture.

Address   Mr. Shinichi Takayama Japan Automobile Research Institute/
Chairman of Traffic Safety Committee
Program Government efforts to promote safety Mr. Noriaki Nagashima Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism
Automotive industry initiatives Mr. Nobuhiko Takahashi Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
Status and future direction of passive safety performance Mr. Koichi Kamiji Honda R&D
Status and future direction of active safety performance Mr. Hiroyuki Takahashi Toyota Motor
Approaches to autonomous driving safety Mr. So Kitajima Japan Automobile Research Institute
Safe and comfortable transportation and community by soft mobility Mr. Yukio Oguri Chiba University of Commerce
Panel Discussion Moderator Mr. Tetsuo Maki Tokyo City University/Head of the
Impact Biomechanics Committee


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