Telematics Japan 2014: Telematics in China and Thailand

IT Big Three leading Chinese market; glimpse of telematics in Thailand



 Telematics Japan 2014, Japan's largest forum dedicated to the future of automobility, was held on October 15 and 16 at Hilton Tokyo. This report summarizes lectures on recent progress of telematics markets in China and Thailand, with a special focus on the type of contents that are sought by end users.

China: New era led by IT Big Three
 Mapping service providers (NavInfo, AutoNavi, etc.) used to lead the telematics market in China. The market saw drastic changes in 2013, such as the rapid market penetration of smartphones and the charge-free mapping applications. Another major change was the acquisition of and investment in mapping service providers by the IT Big Three (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) collectively referred to as BAT. The telematics market in China is bound to be led by BAT.

Thailand: Traffic information service based on GPS data from taxis
 In 2012, Toyota Tsusho Electronics (Thailand) started a traffic information service called "TSQUARE Traffic" in Bangkok. The company installed GPS devices in some 9,000 taxis in Bangkok to cover lack of accurate information provided by government authorities on road congestions. The positional information of the devices is collected and analyzed every several seconds. With this system, the company can provide information on traffic jam for its service users. The same service will be introduced in Indonesia in 2015.

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