IAA Frankfurt Auto Show 2013 (3): American & Japanese OEMs

Hybrids and Concept models hint at direction of future vehicles



Toyota booth
Toyota booth
(TS030 HYBRID from 24 Hours of Le Mans)

The IAA 65 Frankfurt Auto Show was held at Messe Frankfurt from September 10 to 22. This is the third and last report of the three-part MarkLines auto show reports covering the exhibits by American and Japanese automakers. The U.S. automakers introduced in this report are: General Motors, Ford, and Tesla. Japanese major automakers include Toyota (including Lexus brands), Nissan, Honda, FHI (Subaru), Suzuki, Mazda, and Isuzu. These major automakers displayed advanced hybrid technologies, electric vehicles, and other concept models, hinting a direction of future vehicles.

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