JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition 2013: Parts Suppliers (2)

Various equipment and technologies improve fuel efficiency.



This report, Parts Suppliers (2) is an outline of exhibits addressing weight reduction, improved fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines (ICE), and other technologies introduced by automotive parts suppliers at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2013 held in Yokohama on May 22-24, 2013.

 Weight reduction materials that were exhibited included the applications of CFRP and ABS resins.

 Various approaches were proposed focusing on the improvement of fuel efficiency. Exedy exhibited a low-fuel consumption torque converter. Univance introduced a compact DCT under development. The device uses the odd-numbered and even-numbered clutch plates concurrently when starting the engine to reduce the overall unit size. An electronically-controlled wastegate actuator (exhibited by Hella) and an electric supercharger (exhibited by Valeo) are being developed to achieve more elaborate control of the existing turbocharger and the supercharger. Yutaka Giken and T.Rad exhibited systems that use exhaust heat to increase fuel efficiency.

 Koito Manufacturing exhibited "adaptive driving beam headlamps" while Denso and Hella exhibited sensors that support driving safety assist systems.

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