Nikki 展会采访存档

JSAE 2009

NSI (Nikki Small engine Injection)  
VPI-Injector/New Generation Model
(Reference Exhibit)
VPI-Vaporizer/New Generation Model
(Reference Exhibit)
VPI : Vaporized Petroleum Injection System  
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JSAE 2007

 VPI System for LPG Injection
(Gaseous Fuel Rail Assembly)
Made smaller in size equal to the fuel rail for gasoline engines
(ECU : Electronic Control Unit)
(CNG Injector)
(CNG Pressure Regulator)
Delivered to GM Daewoo in the form of system
(CNG Injector Driver)

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

- The Company participated in the show in line with their corporate development policy of 
  earth friendly products that utilize electronic control systems, substitute fuel systems.

Electronic Control Throttle Body
- Betterment of maneuverability : Control optimum air in time of acceleration and 
  deceleration, of load change (e.g. compressor installed in in refrigerator vehicle).
- Measure to Emission Control : Optimum air control corresponding to all round driving 
  conditions conducts reduction of emission gas. 
- Function of Speed Limiter : Measure to high speed control for trucks

CNG system parts

- Newly developed CNG injection system, controlling fuel precisely, pursues pollution-free 
  and improvement of fuel consumption.
- The Company developed natural gas devices to meet various engine capacity from 660CC 
  to 10,500CC.
-Pressure Regulator

LPG system parts
-Nikki Vaporized Petroleum Injection System (NVPI)

- NVPI is the system which injects into suction tube from LPG to gas, and can reduce CO2 
  in a large quantity.
- This system produces a good maneuverability like driving in a gasoline engine vehicle. 
  Also it is interchangeable with parts in gasoline engine.