Japanese suppliers in ASEAN countries (2) - Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and others

Suppliers build new plants and expand production capacities in growing Indonesian market



 This Report features recent activities by Japanese parts suppliers in every ASEAN country except Thailand for one year up to June 2011.

 In Indonesia, finished vehicle manufacturers pushed the plans to increase production as demand grows. In line with their movements, Japanese suppliers are building new factories and expanding production capacities in the midst of the growing Indonesian market to lay the foundations for a production center as well as an export hub to ASEAN countries, India and other countries.

 They were also active in Vietnam in building new plants and expanding their production capacities to gain a foothold for production targeting the Vietnamese market as well as an export to Japan, US, Europe and ASEAN countries.

 In contrast, Japanese suppliers' activities in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines were limited to expanding tire production capacity and factory construction by tire and synthetic rubber suppliers.

 Recent activities by Japanese parts suppliers in Thailand are reported in "Japanese suppliers in ASEAN countries (1) - Thailand" posted on July 7, 2011.

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