ZF CV Systems Global GmbH (Formerly WABCO Global GmbH)

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Giacomettistrasse 1, 3000 Bern 31, Switzerland

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturer of electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical and aerodynamic products for commercial trucks, buses, trailer, and passenger cars.

-In May 2020, ZF Friedrichshafen AG successfully completed the acquisition of commercial vehicle technology supplier the Company, having gained approval from all required regulatory authorities. In the future, the Company will operate as an independent division, Commercial Vehicle Control Systems, within ZF Friedrichshafen AG and become the tenth division of the company. The new Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division employs around 12,000 people at 45 locations worldwide and will work closely with ZF’s existing Commercial Vehicle Technology division, ZF’s aftermarket division and the global development team. To the integration of the Company, ZF links the performance promise “Mobilizing Commercial Vehicle Intelligence": ZF will offer customers a unique range of products and services which includes conventional and electric drive and chassis components, a comprehensive suite of sensors as well as fully integrated, advanced braking, steering and driver assistance systems. Additionally, ZF can offer digital fleet management solutions and an extensive global network of aftermarket services for commercial vehicles. (From a press release on May 29, 2020)




Air Compressors and Air Processing
-Electronic air processing units
-Electrically controlled air dryers
-Single cartridge type air dryers
-Mechanical air processing units
-Air dryer cartridges
-Air system protector cartridges
-Compact air processing units
-Two stage compressors
-Integrated pneumatic clutch compressors

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
-Optimpace - Adaptive economic cruise control 
-OnGuardACTIVE - Rear-end collision mitigation system
-Autonomous emergency braking for moving, decelerating, and stopped vehicles
-OnLane - Lane departure warning system
-TailGUARD - Blind spot detection
-Automatic braking for trailers in loading or unloading mode
-Emergency brake alert for approaching vehicles
-Trailer immobilizer
-OptiTire - Tire monitoring system
-OnCity - Single sensor solution using lidar for widest field-of-view object detection
-OnLaneASSIST - System combining active steering with forward camera for active lane correction
-OnGuardMAX - Provides full braking at high-speeds to avoid rear-end collisions
-OnSide - Advanced blind spot detection system

Foundation Brakes
-Air disc brakes
-Service brake chambers
-Double diaphragm spring brakes
-Piston-type spring brake actuators
-Pneumatic actuators
-Air-over-hydraulic actuators
-Electronic Braking Systems (EBS)
-Endurance brakes
-Integrated pedal units
-Routers and repeaters
-Automatic slack adjuster

Brake and Stability Controls
-Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
-Rollover Stability Support (RSS)
-mBSP - Modular braking system platform
-ESCsmart - Intelligent electronic stability control system
-EBS-E - Customizable central platform for intelligent control
-OnHand - Electro-pneumatic parking brake
-Air valves for brake control

-Double diaphragm spring brake actuators
-Piston type spring brake actuators

Air Suspension 
-Cabin Air Leveling Modules (CALM)
-Chassis leveling valves
-Electronically Controlled Air Suspensions (ECAS)

  • ECU
  • Solenoid valves
  • Remote control units
  • Height sensors
  • Pressure sensors

-OptiRide - Air suspension system
-OptiLevel - Electronically controlled air suspension
-Lift axle control valves
-Air suspensions for cars and LCVs
-Air suspension air supply units for cars

Steering System

Driveline Controls
-Automated manual transmission systems
-Modular transmission automation systems

Clutch Controls
-Hydraulic clutch controls
-Pneumatic clutch actuators
-Clutch controls

  • Master cylinders
  • Slave cylinders
  • Clutch servos
  • Clutch actuators

Vehicle Electronic Systems
-Vehicle Electronic Architectures (VEA)
-Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
-Modular Door Controls (MTS)
-Central vehicle modules and controllers

Emission Controls
-SCR water control valves

Vacuum Pumps for Cars

Intelligent Trailer Program

Trailer telematics and fleet management solutions
-TrailerGUARD telematic system for trailers
-TX-TrailerGuard next-generation fleet management solution
-Transics fleet management solutions
-Smart Trailer FMS fleet management solution
Trailer aerodynamics
-OptiFlow SideWings - Aerodynamic attachment for trailers
-OptiFlow Tail - Aerodynamic attachment for trailers
-OptiFlow AutoTail - Active aerodynamic attachment for trailers

OptiLock security solutions
-Electronic security solutions
-Conventional security solutions


1869 Foundation of Westinghouse Air Brake Company, USA
1884 Establishment of the German company in Hanover
1910 Development of air braking equipment for road vehicles
1922 Opening of the Gronau plant
1945 New start with two product lines: braking equipment and automatic control engineering
1954 Move to new plant; Am Linder Hafen
1981 Start of mass production of WABCO's Antilock Braking System (ABS)
1991 Merger of WABCO and IDEAL Standard in WABCO Standard GmbH
1994 Supply of complete systems down to wheel brake
1995 Opening of its test track at Jeversen
1996 Introduction of the Electronic Braking System for commercial vehicles (EBS)
1998 Introduction of EBS for trailers
Sep. 2012 Acquired Ephicas, based in the Netherlands, a pioneering company in the field of innovative
aerodynamic solutions for commercial vehicles.
Feb. 2014 Acquired all of the outstanding shares of Tavares NV for EUR 111.1 million through WABCO Europe BVBA, a Belgian subsidiary of the Company.
Jul. 2014 Acquired Transics International, a leading provider of fleet management solutions in France.
Apr. 2016 Acquired Laydon Composites Ltd. (LCL), a manufacturer of aerodynamic devices for heavy-duty trucks and trailers.
Sep. 2017 Acquired RH Sheppard Co., Inc., a supplier of steering technologies for commercial vehicles, for USD 145 million.
Oct. 2017 Acquired Meritor’s 50% interest in Meritor WABCO joint venture, taking full control of the company.
Dec. 2017 Acquired remaining 51% interest in joint venture with Sturrock and Robson Industries in South Africa.
May 2020 ZF Friedrichshafen AG successfully completed the acquisition of the Company.

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