Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd

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3-65 Midorigaoka, Toyota, Aichi, 471-8502, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is a major manufacturer and supplier of automotive bearings.

-The Company's businesses are classified in two categories; automotive component business and automotive manufacturing facility business.

-Main product lines include metal-bush and such other bearings; die-cast products, gaskets and system products.

ーThe Company is focusing on selling engine bearings in the Chinese market. The Company has set a target to raise the 12% market share set in the fiscal year that ended in March 2019, to 25% in 2025.


-From April 2022, moved to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and to the Premium Market of the Nagoya Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corporation 33.64
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 7.75
Toyota Industries 4.96
NHK Spring 4.67
Toyota Tsusho Corp. 3.72
Taiho Kogyo Employee Stock Ownership Plan 2.18
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 1.90
Taiho Kogyo Business Association 1.21
Aisin Corp. 1.04
Toyota Shinkin Bank 1.02
Total 62.10


-Lead-free engine bearings
-Lead-free bushes
-Special bearings

  • Shoes and swash plates for A/C compressors
  • Floating bushes and thrust washers for turbo chargers

-Transmission bearings
-Engine bearings

Aluminum die-casting products
-Differential carriers
-Cam housings
-Sleeves for oil control valves
-Brackets for oil filter
-Valve bodies
-AT Pistons
-Inlet Elbows for compressor

Functional products
-EGR valves
-Exhaust throttle valves
-Turbo bypass valves
-Vacuum pumps
-Electric vacuum pumps
-Transaxle lubrication/cooling system
-Heat management and NV reduction for PCU
-Battery pack cooling system
-Turbocharger parts:

  • Compressor inlet
  • Westgate actuators
  • Bearing housings
  • Compressor housings
  • Seal-plate assemblies
  • Thrust bearings
  • Thrust collars
  • Journal bearings
  • Rods, cranks for power actuators

Balance weights
-For aluminum wheels
-For steel wheels

Resin products
-Thermostat housings
-Water inlets

Parts used for electrification:
-Motor-coil cooling pipes
-Motor-coil cooling shower
-Battery-cooled electric blowers for HEVs
-Electromagnetic shielding resin cover
-Stack manifolds/pressure plates
-Fuel-cell battery, bipolar plate
-Gaskets for CIPG fuel-cells
-Adhesion gasket
-Rubber seals (EPDM)
-Stack manifolds used in fuel-cell batteries
-Pressure plates for fuel-cell batteries


Dec. 1939 Established as Nishio Precision Machine Co. in Nishio-cho, Hanzu-gun, Aichi, (currently, Nishio-shi) with capital of 180,000 yen to manufacture and sell precision instruments and precision machine equipment.
Jan. 1944 Relocated to Kenbo-cho, (currently, Toyota-shi).
Name changed from Nishio Precision Machine Co. to Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1958 Started producing aluminum die-casting products.
Jul. 1961 Signed a technical assistance agreement with Federal-Mogul Corp (U.S.A.).
Dec. 1981 Established Taiho Corporation of America (TCA) in the U.S.A. to market TAIHO products.
Apr. 1985 Set up Shinohara Plant which processes precision machines.
Oct. 1996 Started operation of the U.S. affiliate, Taiho Corporation of America. (currently, a consolidated company).
Sep. 1997 QS9000 certified, which was needed to do business with the Big Three.
Aug. 1998 Started the construction of its main technical center.
Aug. 1998 Established a local joint venture (currently, a consolidated subsidiary), Taiho Nusantara Co., in Indonesia with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1999 Established Taiho Dusseldorf Liaison Office (TDL) in Germany.
Mar. 1999 Listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange
Jul. 1999 Established a subsidiary, TET Co., Ltd. (currently, a consolidated subsidiary).
Jan. 2000 Started manufacturing engine metals at Taiho Nusantara, Indonesia the second overseas production site. Will supply Toyota Indonesia and then Isuzu.
Mar. 2000 Taiho Corporation of America (TCA) plans to build a new plant in Brazil to start manufacturing compressors for automobile air conditioners mainly for Delphi Automotive Systems, U.S.
Apr. 2000 Established a 500-million yen joint venture, Taiho Corporation of Europe, in Hungary with Toyota Tsusho Corp. (90% Taiho, 10% Toyoda).
Started manufacturing compressors for automobiles and supplying to GM, U.S.A. through Delphi Automotive Systems, U.S.
Also supplies parts to Toyota Industries Corporation, Denso, TD Deutsche Kliman Compressor in Germany and Visteon, a parts manufacturer in the Ford Motors group.
Oct. 2000 Planning to set up a second plant in the US by November to produce engine metals and metal head gaskets in January 2001, and aluminum die-casting by June 2001.
Mar. 2000 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Mar. 2001 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges
Mar. 2001 Established Okazaki plant in Okazaki City, Aichi Pref.
Jun. 2001 Through a joint venture between companies such as Mitsui & Co. Ltd., established a Korea-based subsidiary, Taiho Corporation of Korea, into a consolidated subsidiary.
Apr. 2002 Founded Taiho Techno Service Corporation (TTS)
Sep. 2002 TF Global Gasket, LLC (TFGG) established in U.S.A., as a joint venture between TCA and Federal-Mogul Corporation
Oct. 2002 All the equity transactions have been completed to Taiho from Yantai Chunsang, a slide bearing company in China
Dec. 2002 Established Taiho Kogyo Corporation of Yantai as a wholly owned subsidiary.
Apr. 2003 Gained a 38% ownership in Yamate Industrial Co., Ltd. by injecting capital.
Apr. 2003 Constructed Kokai Plant 2.
Jul. 2003 Taiho Kogyo Corporation of Yantai absorbed Yantai Chunsheng Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2003 Jointly established Taiho Thailand Co., Ltd. with a local enterprise. (The Company owns 49% of the equity.)
Nov. 2003 Acquired a 38.9% ownership in Nippon Gasket Co., Ltd. (In March 2004, the Company acquired additional shares and now holds 39.6% of the equity.)
Jun. 2004 The Company's consolidated subsidiary Taiho Seiki Co., Ltd. established Tianjin Taiho Seiki Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd. in China as a subsidiary.
Aug. 2004 Established Taiho Parts Center, a consolidated subsidiary.
Oct. 2004 The Company's consolidated subsidiary, Taiho Seiki Co., Ltd., acquired a parcel of land in the Toyota Hanamoto Industrial estate located in Toyota City, where it constructed a plant.
May 2005 Established Taiho Gifu Co., Ltd. , as a subsidiary company.
Oct. 2005 Turned Nippon Gasket Co., Ltd. into a wholly owned subsidiary company through a transaction involving the exchange of stock shares.
Jul. 2006 Adopted a resolution to dissolve TF Global Gaskets LLC.
Feb. 2007 Established Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee LLC as its subsidiary.
Jul. 2012 Acquiring 100% shares in Hengye Bearing Materials Co., Ltd (Changzhou), making it its wholly-owned subsidiary.
Oct. 2013 Further invested in Taiho Corporation of Thailand, increasing its shareholding to 74.0%.
Jan. 2018 Operations of Nippon Gasket of America Inc., a consolidated subsidiary, were merged into Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee LLC, another consolidated company, whereby the company’s name became Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee, LLC.
Apr. 2019 Absorbed the operations of Taiho Gifu Co., Ltd.

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